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Debbie (Dwyer) Batjer and John (husband, almost 48 years) in Malta this fall. Hail from the Seattle area.
Susan (Armiger) Popescu and best friend Nan (Gray) Hawk near Nan and Barry's home in Florence, Italy. Nan lives in NYC and Susan in Bethesda, MD.
Mini, mini reunion celebrating friendship since our teens! From left, Janet Kerdock (wife of Lou Kerdock, BCC class of 61), Jane Failor Crook, Barbara Dolan King, Elena Hansen (Blair HS). Bethesda, October, 2015
Square Dance- Friendship Set to Music. ~bonnie Mogelever Pollack and husband Jerry.
Square Dancing - Friendship Set to Music - We are members of square and round dance choreographed ballroom) clubs in Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and beyond. _Bonnie Mogelever Pollack and her hubby Jerry.
Yvonne (Margerison) Wright with youngest grandchild, Caitlin. April 2015.
In August, Allen Myers (left) met Jay Lewis (right) in Fairbanks Alaska. Jay was serving as narrator on the Riverboat Discovery.
2014 Mini-reunion. The rest of you missed a great party!
Anne Dawson (LeBreton) visiting with with daughter Joan Dwyer and grandchildren Logan and Catherine in Houston, July 2013
Lin, Anne and Mary Sue dining at Romano's Macaroni Grill at Rio for over 3 hours! We played Orchestra from 7th to 12th grades...Leland to B-CC. We had a great time catching up.
Lin Downie Thompson, Anne Lowry and Mary Sue Nichols Tompkins visited July 21st in Gaithersburg. Lin visiting from Nebraska with her family, Anne coming from outside Philly and Mary Sue coming from Ocean Pines, Md.
5 yo granddaughter's birthday party today 7-3-2013. Posted by Mike Hagan.
Hope Liebersohn and Carolyn Bryant in London, where Hope and her partner Laurence had just served us a proper British tea (we ate most of it before I thought to have a photo taken!)
Carolyn Bryant and Brendel Wittman Lang had a mini-reunion over lunch in Cambridge, England, while Carolyn and her husband Don Sarles were visiting the UK in May
Micro-mini Reunion in Maine -- Linnea Brown Dayton visited Carolyn Bryant. It's early spring here, not much green yet!
Part of our San Francisco Family at Ocean Beach. Jeannie Smith & Scott Ferguson. Sorry we'll miss the September gathering.
After the group photo (photo by Jon Weber)
It was great walking the field and school grounds again. (Photo by Harold Huggins)
Now THAT was fun. Thanks for the memories. Photo by Bob Trafton at the Hyatt
Judy (Robichek) Aldock family photo.
Karen Smith wearing gold medal in golf achieved in 2007,2009,2011 in the National Senior Olympics.
Am so looking forward to seeing everyone and am enjoying the messages & recent photos. I just retired from a DC law firm where I was a litigation legal assistant for 18 years and am happily decompressing and making plans to see my 2 sons and 5 grandchildren -- Ann Bennett
On a recent trip to Nashville met George Hamilton IV at Grand Ole Opry Gift shop. Asked him to sing "A Rose and a Baby Ruth" (remember that oldie from junior high years?). He did and dedicated the song to me and my daughter. -Barbara Moran Walters
Bill Bortz and Andy Shafer
Bill Bortz
Taken last February at Exploradores Glacier on a camping trip to Patagonia – a trip for commercial photography students from my college in New York City. I went along for the adventure. Looking forward to the reunion. --Diane Ducat
Phyllis (Bond) Walker and my best friend Terry
John Carpenter and wife Nell, married 43 years with daughters and their families
Me, Fred Knight with my lifelong friends, Dean Sarff, left, our class, and John Ware, right, class of '61, and their wives, May 2010. (I must have been between wives...) Sadly, we lost Deano to cancer a few months after this picture was taken.
Carolyn Bryant and her husband, Don Sarles, are eating well in Maine! (here at Cleonice in Ellsworth)
I live in Darnestown, MD with my husband of 43 years. We are blessed with 3 great kids and 3 grandchildren, with two more on the way. Retired from teaching with MCPS after 31 years. Playng tennis again. Looking forward to the reunion. Cynthia Willkomm
Dave Raub and wife Mary overlooking Bondi Beach while visiting our younger daughter, Susannah, in Sydney
Marilyn Nielsen Worsham -- Happily retired and living in Waco, Texas, near my dear friend Gene Thaden Henry
A favorite campaign photo from last fall. I still enjoy serving in the Virginia Senate! Janet Denison Howell
Ted and Nancy Sterne with grand children. husband Ric and myself at my son's wedding in Berryville Va, Sept 2011. -- Jill Hurney Klein
Bottom: grand-daughter Bibi, daughter-in-law Karen, daughter Rosy, son Oliver, wife Supathra. Top: Son Chris, and Rich Lane
Jeanne Smith - last day with friends on Cazenovia Lake, NY
Richard Huriaux - retired twice, but still working in engineering consulting!
Richard Shipman at an indoor senior tennis tournament last January: Tennis: sport for a lifetime!
Ken Fussell and Helen Hyre Fussell, Betsy Tait Butler and Terry Terrell at Crow Farm in May 2012
Jean (Ricketts) Peyton and her guide dog Geiger live in Las Vegas and love it.
George Ames and family: Claire, Chrissy, and Cindy in Eleuthera, Bahamas (March 2012)
Charlie Fox and May (wife of 40 years). 2012
Bob Trafton and Terry Terrell in 2010. Who from Track & Field, and Cross Country will be there? I'm remembering Doug Browning, John Talbert, Frank Curtis, Bill Bortz, David Weissbrodt, Frank Rinehart, and who else? I forget.
David Weissbrodt and Pat Schaffer in Morocco (August 2012)
Lin (Rolinda Downie) Thompson and husband Tommy. I am having so much fun looking at the pics and learning what classmates have been doing in 50 years! We live in Omaha NE and this photo was taken on one of our trips to CO. Our two daughters live in CO and
Dan Snyder and wife Joan Neely celebrating our 25th anniversary last summer.
Mary (England) and Gary Eisenstein on their 47th Anniversary, June 27, 2011
Bob and Alice look more and more alike every year! --Alice Neff Lucan
here i am at my daughter lisa's recent 45th birthday party....a '70's costume party. bill joseph
My husband and I live in Severna Park, MD and enjoy lots of Severn River boating activities. Here we are getting ready to go out on our jet ski. --Ellie Gagge Martin
Ann Wilson Terrell and Terry Terrell with Abe at Nats Game on August 21.
Mike Hagan, Saint Patrick's Day 2012
Marcy Fisher
Dawn (Sheeler) Ford owns a consulting company where she lives in Knoxville TN with husband Richard, son and daughter-in-law and two grandchildren
Kate (Brown) Gillis enjoying a summer picnic.
Roger Neustadter Met the Buddha on the road and.....
Alice Jamison (Choate), Georgia Levathes (Cullum), Betsy Herbert in Santa Cruz, California August 2012
Anne LeBreton Dawson, May 2012 Hope to join everyone at the reunion this fall!
Debbie Dwyer Batjer, husband John, and family: 3 kids (son in back; son in blue shirt and daughter with pearl earrings, wonderful spouses, adorable grandkids), July 2012, Seattle area.
For retirement, colleagues at Applied Physics Lab chipped in to pay James Higbie's travel expenses to surprise destination. Appears it may be Saturn. Higbie plans to come to re-union if he can turn his life around.
Sally Markle Mayse on the SC Intracoastal Waterway
William B. ( Bill ) Rogers, June 2012
Karen Lynn Smith, Professor at Washington College for 44 years. Still dancing....
On vacation with Elena in Puglia. (posted by Frank Rinehart)
Kris Hoegh Marsh
My wife Julie and I at the new San Diego Cardiovascular Center (posted by Robert Engler)
Hi everyone. Fifty years went by in a heartbeat it seems. I will be at the reunion and I look forward to catching up with you all. -- Penny Hughes (Huntington)
Hope Liebersohn
Jonathan and Jane Weber Hungarian Trip 2012
Betty Weber Clarke
Tony and Dianna Sussmann. Retired in Baton Rouge. Health is wealth so doing fine. My mother lives just off Chevy Chase Circle so there is chance will make reunion.
Fred Knight playing his "dobro" in a hot pickin' session.
Can not wait to renew old friendships and make new. Many thanks to the hard working and wonderful reunion committee for planning this fabulous event! Mary Tresness (Lobred)
....Pat Parke with friend, former "boss" and candidate for Sheriff, Everett Rice....
David Kane
Tom & Mary (Dahl) Callaham
Bob Tetro (kneeling): Image from Sep '06 reflecting the current focus to retirement, i.e. photography (
Karen with grand-daughter Janey Lucille Whipple Reixach, born April 5, 2012
This was a "mini-reunion" at Jocelyn Trueblood's home several years ago...from L-R Sharon White, Mary Schubauer, Jocelyn Trueblood, Molly (Wilhelm) Lewis, Karen (Adkinson) Reixach, Jay Lewis, Hank Reixach, and Jerol (Desmond) Briggs
Susan (Armiger) Popescu and grand-daughter.
Husband Wayne and Ingrid Hansen Daniel - His shirt says, "Pray for me I'm married to a DANE."
Husband Dale & Mary Sue (Nichols) Tompkins at Fishtales in Ocean City, Maryland 2009
Harold and Jeanne Huggins at presentation of his Life Achievement Award from the Maryland Association of Realtors in 2010
Lura DeMott Wright and husband Bob in 2010
Square Dance - Friendship Set to Music Jerry and Bonnie MOGELEVER Pollack - 2011
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