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A group of our classmates, several from Wood Acres, got together in the fall of 2011 to talk about a possible reunion.  The group came up with some general ideas and an initial plan to search for classmates. But as the group returned to their homes, the enormity of this task promptly slowed efforts... until the end of March 2012, when our class president, Ken Lavine, came to the rescue!

Ken had been reminded  by Scott Ferguson, Jeanne Smith and Rick Kramer that this is a special year. They contacted the BCC foundation who had Jerol Desmond's contact information as a person also interested in this planning. The committee then began to grow.

This group of eleven gathered by email from Florida, California, Oregon, Maine, New York and the DC area. Ken set up a conference call capacity which was first used on April 3, 2012.  Now remember that some folks in this group had not seen each other in 50 years or might not remember each other at all.  But we have been steadfastly trudging along with this effort to set the date, location, website and most importantly search, search, search for classmates. As of July 1 we have found almost 200 classmates and the rest of the names have been given to Classquest for an extended search.  Sadly, 34 classmates have been found to be deceased.

The BCC Foundation has been contacted regarding an optional class gift to one of their programs.  A tour of the newly renovated BCC has been arranged for November 17.  Everyone has been working on the search, coordinating with Classquest, preparing postcards for future mailing, opening bank and Pay Pal accounts,and tending to the website.  In the middle of all this activity, Ken up and moved to Paris where he participates in the calls during the middle of the night.

We are all very enthusiastic about our efforts and the many classmates who have responded.  There is so much to remember from those long ago days.  Some of us have actually known each other since kindergarten. Now we are really urging folks to update their profiles, and RSVP.  You can email us through your profile options with ideas or offers to help.

See you in November!  Reunion committee is: Ken Lavine, Scott Ferguson, Jeanne Smith, Jerol Desmond Briggs, Linnea Brown Dayton, Jocelyn Trueblood, Rick Kramer, David Ullman, Carolyn Bryant , Ainslee Harris Sadler, and Alice Witkowski

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