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Mary Susan Ford Wiese passed away Jan 8, 2018 in Steilacoom, WA where she lived on the shore of the Puget Sound with her husband of 52 years, Dr. G. Michael Wiese. After B-CC, "Susie" attended U of MD, married Mike and moved to the Pacific Northwest. They raised a family of 7 children and she was Grandmother to 16. Twelve years ago she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer which she fought and was given what she called her "Bonus Years." During this time she watched as her family grew, traveled the world and celebrated life. Last fall the cancer returned as Stage 4 and she gathered her family and nearby friends around for several more celebrations an Open House at Labor Day, Thanksgiving and then Christmas. She had her own Christmas Shop for years selling decorations, ornaments and Nutcrackers from Germany and so it was a joy that she was able to have this Christmas with her family.  As she said, "it's been a good life." 

Rolinda Downie
Sad News--Jana Combs

I just got a call from Jana's husband Philip Bowles (BCC '60) saying Jana had just passed away over last weekend. Chronic pulmonary obstruction, aka smoker's lung. Her family is fine--Brian and Devin are both residents of Australia now, and Jana was able to see everybody one last time.

Jana was a really fun character and a very unusual person. I will miss her a lot.

Richard N Lane
New play by a B-CC alumnus, Si Kahn

Sonja and I recently had the pleasure of attending the world premier of Hope, a musical play by Si Kahn, at a regional theater in Sebastopol, CA.  Si was a senior when we were juniors, and I got to know him at a summer job.  He is artist-in-residence at the theater and has lots of fans, but even so, I was able to chat with him briefly and tell him of the connection.  He was surprised, of course.  The musical numbers in the play, which I believe he wrote (both notes and lyrics), were reminiscent of the folk music of our era.  The script dealt with the lives of Si's parents and their families, who were immigrants into the US.  I recommend seeing it if you can.

Peter Lobban

Many thanks to Rich Lane for posting the mp3 files.  

I need to give credit to my sister, Kathryn (Harris) Gutow, who was a member of the class of 1960, and who got the album in her senior year, and saved it "forever".  She passed away in 2004.


San Jose, CA

Jeremy Harris
BCC Audio album from 1959-60

Hi everybody,

Three years ago at the West Coast Mini 2014, Jeremy Harris loaned me an LP he had saved from 1960 (just so we could listen to it 56 years later), called "The Log." It contains a lot of voice clips as well as recordings of the BCC Band, Chorus, Talent Show, etc. from the school year 1959-60 school year.

I have ripped it all to MP3 files, and you can get it all at my Dropbox public folder, along with maybe some personal photos and such that shouldn't interest anybody outside my family:


The second side starts off with a march by the BCC band--I was in the band then, so listen for me!

Thanks to Jeremy for making this possible!


Richard Lane
Given today's environment.


Adrienne is so right!   We may be among the luckiest and most blessed generation in the long history of humankind!


Although the world was not without challenges and dangers, yet in the scale of human experience our American generation won the lottery of time and place!  We have had plenty of food, clothing and shelter; high employment rates; broadly available labor saving technology; energy abundance; a voice in our government; surroundings of safety and security; a bounty of wealth and leisure exceeding that of kings and rulers of the past.


Unfortunately for future generations, our generation's comfort and material wealth has been depleting nature’s bounty of rich soil, clean air and water, abundant sea life, diversity of species, and the delicate interwoven web of life in the biosphere. I fear that our children and grandchildren will pay the price for our profligate consumption of fossil fuels, forests, wetlands, aquifers, land and soil.


We learned so much at B-CC, yet I wish we had absorbed the deep wisdom of the Native Americans.   "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." – Iroquois maxim (circa 1700-1800)


"I do not think the measure of a civilization is how tall its buildings of concrete are, but rather how well its people have learned to relate to their environment and fellow man." -- Sun Bear of the Chippewa Tribe


"Humankind has not woven the web of life.  We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.  All things are bound together. All things connect."  --   Chief Seattle, 1854

"Treat the earth well. It was not given to you by your parents; it was loaned to you by your children.  We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children."  -Ancient Indian Proverb

As Pope Francis has emphasized in his recent Encyclical Letter about climate change, it is urgent that we "care for our common home."  In our remaining years may we, B-CC’s Class of 1962, provide for our grandchildren by protecting and healing Mother Earth.

With best wishes for all of our grandchildren, Frank Heintz


Frank Heintz
Given today's environment.


Fellow BCC '62 Graduates.

Were we not born into and enabled to live in and through one of the most amazingly blessed slivers of time, thus far, in American history? 

Think.  The peace, the opportunities, the promises, the music, the expectation of goodness from the larger society ... while largely happily living unknowing how especially we were/are blessed in our precious spot in time.  We have had it good, in terms of timing, regardless of personal circumstances.  Again, amazing our timing.  I'm just wowed, and thankful. 

Were I to ask if others agree, I realize I'd be setting up a political discussion.  Not the heart of this message that is simply based on thankfulness.

Again.  I am just amazed, and thankful, for the juncture in time we were placed here for our purpose.  And, thankful for my placement in the bigger realm of our '62 class. 

Though not all are likely onboard, I believe that we were all designed to be and are on God's schedule. 

Back to amazed to our timing.   And thankul for same.

Adrienne Gehman Riviere


















Adrienne Riviere
Book published

     I have just had a work of fantasy fiction called FernMacht published through CreateSpace, Amazon's publishing arm.  There are some names familiar to our class in the acknowledgments.  If you think you might be interested, check out the description on Amazon's website.

Peter Lobban

Living on Lookout Mtn outside of Denver with good views of our snowy Continental Divide.  It took two days to get plowed out of my drive so now I'm free.  I try to not get too unhappy about the snow because I know we need it here in Colorado.  

We have lived here off and on since '77 and returned to DC for 8 years in the late '90's only to return permanently at the end of 2004. It's fun to find someone from BCC living in Colorado.     Fran Page

Frances Page

Incredible reading all the posts! I never return to the D.C. area anymore, but might have to force myself for a reunion. I live in Aspen, CO, have four kids, five grand-children. I'm a writer, have published a number of books, plays, articles. Love the mountains though I spend my summers still in Truro, MA.

Brooke Newman
Right On Time

Catherine and Jane 5lbs 1 ox and 5 lbs 10 oz respectively: April 16, 2015

Michael G Hagan
Twin Events

Professional-published my 3rd article & 1st PRO article on the investment website. Just search my name..

Personal - my son & his spouse are expecting twins in April. Will be my 4th and 5th grandchild respectively.

Michael Hagan
Seeking Alpha

Published my first article on the well known Seeking Alpha investment website and am real pleased it was selected for publication. Encouraged, am now working on my second. The subject matter relates to a market associated with Parkinson's disease. If you are interested, you can find the article at :

Michael Hagan
Prom location

The prom was held at Indian Spring Country Club which is now a upscale housing development.  Argyle Country Club is at another location further up Layhill Road.

Harold Huggins
West Coast reunion

Unfortnately can not attend the reunion.  Know that it will be a good one.  All attending enjoy for those that can't.

Harold Huggins
West Coast reunion

I plan on attending the reunion - looking forward to it.



Jeremy Harris

Good crowd! This is going to be a great gathering! Looking forward to seeing everyone. Thanks Rich!

John Carnes
West Coast 52nd--Update

Hi all, I just want to confirm that we are still on for the reunion at my place. The link on the left of the page gives more particulars. We are up to almost 25 people now, which is great.

Barbara and Karen, very sorry you can't make it this year, but as long as everybody has fun, I'm up for an annual event, so see you next year?

Those of you who live nearby but haven't responded yet, no problem. Just let me know when you can, and if you just show up at the event, that's fine too!


Richard Lane
West Coast Mini 2014

Hi Rich,

Thanks for your great efforts for the West Coast Mini reunion.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend - I'll be away.  Last year's sounded so fun - so sorry I have to miss this one as well.

Barbara Hudson Timonv

Barbara Hudson
West Coast event

Hi Rich,

Was hoping I could make it this year but it is too close to our Africa trip.


Hope you have one next year!!!!!  Great fun last year.



Karen Ricker


Karen Grimes Ricker
I can make it this year


Thanks for organizing another West Coast event.  I will be delighted to attend on August 31.  Not sure if my wife, Mary, will accompany me.

See you then,


David Raub

David Raub
Hiking the Israel National Trail

I recently hiked about 125 miles of the Israel National Trail.  Here's the link to my blog of the trip.

Charles Fox
West Coast Mini Reunion

Dear Richard

Thanks for doing this. I'm in Oakland at the moment, but will be overseas in August. Maybe the 53rd reunion? I know it's a cliche but 52 years is a long time ago.

Please, anyone who is into hiking check out I'm getting a group together for a three week hike  in September to the Mt K2 base camp on the Chinese side. You can contact me directly at

Best regards


Jim Lindsay

James Lindsay
Save the date--August 31, 2014 for the BCC 52nd Anniversary San Francisco Mini-Reunion + Micro Senior Olympics

Last year's West Coast mini-reunion was so much fun that almost everybody wanted to do it again. So, for them, and for those who couldn't make it last year, let's party down as if there's no such thing as the Big 7-0!

A few details:

Sunday August 31, 2014 Noon to 5pm

My place again, which is very near the San Francisco Airport

Food: Same deal as last year, except no need to bring any money for drinks--just bring something--drinks and/or finger food (nothing needing plates or utensils). If you can, bring some lawn chairs and/or a cooler with ice. If you're coming in from out of town, don't bring anything, just yourself.

Now with entertainment(!): Croquet, Bocce Ball, any other age-appropriate games you'd care to bring

So far, I think we have, besides me and the wife,

Alice Jamieson
Art Brooke
Betsy Herbert
Georgia Levathes Cullum

If you can make it, and I hope you can, please send me a private message with your current email so I can send updates and full information.

Rich Lane

P.S. Although the 52nd anniversary is sometimes said to be the one for "Indonesian Fighting Snakes," please don't bring one.

Richard Lane
Brooks Photographers in Bethesda, Md.

I had inquired about who took our BBC Prom pictures, etc. and received replies.  I contacted Brooks because I wanted to get a copy of prom pictures and also some family professional photographs from Brooks in Bethesda.  However, I found out that The Original Brooks Family retired from the business, and all the negatives and files from Brooks Photographers for portrait and residential customers were acquired by Brooks Glogau Photographers in Bethesda.  It is very unfortunately, that they only acquired and have archives back to about 1970.  For your info: You can contact them at 301 652-9577 and their address is 5110 Ridgefield Rd Ste208, Bethesda MD 20816

Christine Seville
Nice article about B-CC

Classmate Lawrence Larkin alerted us to an article in a publication by the National Education Association, that features B-CC.  It is in the Summer 2013 edition of NEA Today Magazine.  

Go to this link:
Then scroll down until you see:

"Exclusive and Inclusive, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Md."  (and a picture of B-CC)

Or do a "find" on "Bethesda" to go straight to the article. 


Hi Betty!

Thanks for th flattering rememberance! Love to talk or email. (


Mary "England" Eisenstein in Charleston, SC

Mary England

Yes, prom was at Indian Springs C.C. on Layhill Rd., but Silver Springs not Wheaton.  It is now called Argyle C.C. and changed many, many years ago!

Mary Sue Nichols

Just to get everything straight about the prom,  it was held  at Indian Springs CC on Layhill Rd in Wheaton which like Brooks is long gone, I think

Donald Sebastian
I remember Mary England

Mary England, I think you were a pretty red head that lived around the corner from my house at 4701 Chevy Chase Blvd. Where are you now? 


Betty Weber Clarke

Betty Weber

Mary Sue (Nichols) Tompkins, Thank you for letting me know it was "Brooks."

Just could not remember.

Christine Seville
Hello Jana


It was so nice to see your letter in the messages. I was looking for word of your where abouts. Remember you fondly,


Best regards,

Mary(England) Eisenstein

Mary England



The photographer was indeed Brooks. Look in the back of your yearbook and you will see Charlene Maines photo in cap and gown.


Mary Sue (Nichols) Tompkins

Mary Sue Nichols
Prom Photographers

Were the prom photographers Brooks????

Ed Burrows

Edmund Burrows
Wish I'd been there ...

... and I would have been, but my elder son, a resident of Australia (the punk), came with fiance, family, and friends to be married in La Jolla that weekend.  Tough choice, you can understand ! 

I appreciate the photos and updates tremendously !  Please keep me on whatever list has made this possible.  Richard, I'm still looking forward to touring your estate in Burlingame - almost 30 years after my original invite.  And it must be close to 20 years that I've been anticipating seeing your remarkable twins in the flesh.

We're finally back in California.  Halle - inappropriate word - lujah !

Hope to see everybody next time, and hope it's soon !


Here I am ten years ago with native Australian flowers.  (I've aged 20 years since then.)

Jana Combs
1962 Class Prom

Does anyone remember who the professional photographer and/or company was at the senior prom?   If,  I remember correctly the prom was held  at Sandy Springs CC.   If you have a prom picture, perhaps the name of the company would be printed on the back of the photograph. I remember there was a well known photographers studio in Bethesda, but can't remember the name or do I know if they were the hired photo company for the 1962 Prom.  Just a thought!  If anyone remembers the name of the photographer or company let me know.   Best wishes, and regards, Christine 

Christine Seville
Great video of the West Coast Mini Reunion

Thanks for sharing the great video of the West Coast Reunion! I am so sorry I had to miss being there. Loved seeing everyone on the video though!

Phyllis Bond Walker

Phyllis Bond
West Coast Mini-Reunion

Our classmate Richard Lane and his wife Supathra hosted a B-CC Class of 1962 mini-reunion at their home near San Francisco in September. A baker's dozen of our classmates attended, some with spouses — from the Bay Area right nearby, from the Sierras and Reno, Nevada, and from as far away as New Jersey and South Carolina. Only a few of them had also attended the Bethesda reunion last November, so it was an opportunity to reconnect with more of our classmates. 

Ken Lavine was there and put together a video of the reunion, which you can see at( It's clear from the video that all who came had a great time, and there's talk of maybe holding another mini-reunion in the west, because lots of our classmates live here but couldn't make it to this first one. And even if you don't live here, it's just a great place to visit!

Linnea Brown

I knew more folks in the Class of 1963 than in my own class of glad to see they are getting together. Looking forward to photos and notes from these folks. Thanks for sharing... 

Patricia Parke


The B-CC Reunion 1963 Reunion Committee cordially invites you to attend our final and best class reunion.   Join us to celebrate 50 years since graduation in 1963.

Date & Time - Friday, October 11, 2013


Place - Bethesda Marriott/Pooks Hill, Bethesda, MD 20895


Dress - “Heel & Tie” (cocktail dresses, coats & ties)


5:00 - 7:00 Registration Table & Name Tag (required for entry)

Social Hour - Cash Bar

7:00 - 9:00 Buffett Dining

9:00 - 12:00 Rock ‘n Relics [live band] – Dance & Socialize

Evening Festivities


Ticket $150 per person (includes delicious food, live band, memory “book”)

RSVP with check by July 31, 2013


Sharonlee J. Vogel

8820 Shining Oceans Way, #407

Columbia, MD. 21045

Jeff Stuart
There's a whole new page!

Just wanted to make sure everyone sees the new West Coast Mini-Reunion page on this website (5th item in the menu at the left). This get-together, on Sunday, September 15 at Rich Lane's home, is very convenient to the San Francisco airport, for those who might like to come from far away. Check out the West Coast Mini-Event page for updates on what's happening, who's planning to come, and how to let your classmates know you're interested. Hope to see you there!

Linnea Brown
It's coming together very nicely!

Great news Rich! Good to hear this is coming together so nicely. I sent you an email via this site, but haven't heard anything back so I'm wondering if you got it. You can reach me at Drop me a message with your contact info and I'll send a donation your way. I can also bring some wine to contribute to the drink pool.

Looking forward to the gathering!

John Carnes
West Coast 51st Reunion Updates

Hi all,

Thanks for all the interest in a 51st reunion. Just a quick update here. So far I've seen interest in coming from 12 classmates, which will probably produce about 20-25 people total at the party:

Art Brooke
Jean Moses Holston
Jeremy Harris
John Carnes
Karen Grimes Ricker
Ken Lavine
Kris Hoegh Marsh
Linnea Brown Dayton
Phyllis Bond Walker
Randi Miles Long
Thomas Jacquemin
Tom Callaham & Mary (Dahl) Callaham

Did I miss anybody? Of the above list, six have actually contacted me by email to get the address, and one  person has sent in a contribution for the drinks pool (you know who you are!).

This all means that we only have space for another 100 or so, so act fast!

I looked around at local hotels, and this is the one I'd recommend. It seems to be the lowest cost of the ones close enough to be convenient, it's about 3 miles and 10 minutes away. Reasonable quality, right on the SF bay, free shuttle from the airport and free breakfast too.
Hampton Inn & Suites San Francisco-Burlingame-Airport South
1755 Bayshore Highway, Burlingame, California, 94010
TEL: 1-650-697-5736 FAX: 1-650-697-6736

If a number of people end up staying there, you could probably get the shuttle bus driver to bring you all up to the party. Or, I could take our van down and bring back 6 people without any problem.

As a practical matter, I have to announce that a week from today, Thursday June 20, I'm leaving the country and not returning until August 21. I should be able to use email every few days, but that's all. Linnea and Ken will be coordinating also, but if you're coming, please email me in the next week to get squared away. Or, if necessary, just wait until August 21 for things to be settled. It will be a little more rushed then, that's all.

Hoping to see lots of you in a few months!


Richard Lane
Who Knew BCC had Crew?

What a delightful surprise to find the BCC tent at the Stotesbury Regatta in Philadelphia a few weeks ago.  Crew was certainly not something we had during our years, but the young women and men are impressive athletes.  I wasn't surprised to learn that one young man's parents were born years after we graduated.  

And with all the discussion of the San Francisco reunion, I'm jealous of all you West Coast folks.  At least we had some time in Bethesda last fall and I'm looking forward to the next home-town reunion.

With good wishes to all,

Joan Lardner Paul, Bethlehem, PA 

Joan Lardner
I am thinking about coming.

HI Folks,

The reunion sounds like great fun... I am hoping to do that but my husband will not be coming ... it would be nice to share a car from the airport.... where is everyone staying?

Karen Grimes Ricker



Karen Grimes
West Coast Reunion RSVP

The two of us will be there with finger food and lawn chairs. We'll leave the walker and cane at home.

Tom Callaham & Mary (Dahl) Callaham

Thomas Callaham
West Coast Reunion

I'm looking forward to the West Coast Gathering of the 1962 BCC Grads. I wasn't able to make the one in November. Thank you Richard for giving me another chance to walk down memory lane. Hopefully my husband will be able to make it as well.

Jean (Moses) Holston

Jean Moses
Welcome in London

I haven't been able to keep up communications as I'd have liked with everyone I met at the reunion last November, and others, but I'm hoping some of you might be stopping in London (UK) this summer, as loads of people told me they'd already been there.  Email me via this site, if we kenew each other,  or via Facebook, and I'll meet you and buy you a drink in a pub at the least. I live in West London near Paddington.


Hope Liebersohn

Hope Liebersohn
West Coast 51st Reunion Updates

Thanks for all the positive responses! I'm still planning to host the party at my place near the San Francisco airport on Sunday, September 15 noon to 5pm. Glad to hear a bunch of you can make it.

Locals can bring something to eat—snacks or finger food strongly preferred, as there may not be seating for everybody. Non-locals shouldn't bother--if you can make it to the party, your presence will be the greatest contribution for everybody. I think I'd like to ask each attendee for a $10 contribution towards drinks (and also to show us that you really will attend!), but it’s definitely not a $99 ticket.

If you plan to attend, please send me an email via this website, and I'll email you back with more particulars. Let me know of any special dietary or other needs you might have. Since I'm leaving the country for a while on June 20, it would be nice to get an idea of total attendance just for planning, but if you can't decide yet, no problem. Ken, Linnea, and I don't want anything to stand in the way of people coming, even at the last minute. We BCCer's know how to cope, don't we?

Richard Lane
Great Idea to have the W-Coasters of BCC

I will try to make the get together although BCC was such a big school for me (coming from small West Coast schools) many of you won't know me but that is okay.  You can find me in the yearbook. Tom Jacquemin....

Thomas Jacquemin
West Coast Gathering

Dunno if I/we'll make it, but it's a great idea.  Thanks, Rich!  I was only at BCC my jr.& sr years, so I may not know many folks. Alas!

Been in/near Seattle for lotsa years, married almost 46 to a great guy, have 3 grown kids, their wonderful spouses, and 6 grands all under 7. I've had some health issues, but they haven't deterred us from enjoying traveling, reading, exercising.  We have a vacation place on Lake Chelan, a high mountain lake surrounded by orchards and vineyards, and spend a lot of time there between May & Oct. Good life.  

Deborah Dwyer
Rich's reunion gathering

What a great idea! Eloise and I plan to attend! Details? What to bring? This should be fun and I'm amazed so many from our class are in the area. I'm about 5 miles away! Small world.

Thanks Rich!

John Carnes

As one of the many B-CC Californians, I love Rich Lane's idea of a West Coast get-together.  Unfortunately, my wife and I have already planned a trip to Amsterdam in mid-September.  I am very glad to have seen a few of the Californians at the event last November.  Too bad I'll have to miss this one.

David Raub

David Raub
Great Idea, Richard.

I love this idea. Always love an excuse to go to California. Amazing that there are so many BCC Westerners:)

Kris Hoegh Marsh

Kristin Hoegh
The Bluebirds Are Back

Time to resume my seasonal hobby, setting up nesting sites for the eastern bluebird.

Michael Hagan
West Coast Reunion

Looking forward to West Coast Reunion as we live close by in Lafayette, Ca.

Already I recognize two responder's names, Jeremy Harris and Phyllis Bond Walker.

Randi Miles Long

Randi Miles
West Coast Reunion - Yeh!

An easy drive up from Monterey. Date circled and planning on it !

Tom Callaham & Mary Dahl

Mary Dahl
West Coast reunion

Absolutely great idea!  I'll definitely attend.

Jeremy Harris (Californian for the last 30 years)

Jeremy Harris
Sounds like a plan!

Highest kudos for such a righteous gesture, Richard.  9/15 now circled on my calendar!

Arthur Brooke
West Coast Reunion--Yay!

What a great idea! I am really looking forward to it and hope the turnout is great!!!

Phyllis Bond Walker

Phyllis Bond
Well done Richard

Although I won't get over there from England, this is an excellent initiative and deserves lots of support.


Hope Liebersohn

Hope Liebersohn
West Coast Mini-Reunion Micro-Announcement

Did you know there are 75 Class of 1962 B-CC alums living in the western states - 34 in California alone? It's a long way to Bethesda from there, and some of us didn't make it to the 50th Reunion in November. So for those who didn’t make the main event in Bethesda, we're having a "make up" (but it’s not a test)! 

With the help of Ken Lavine and Linnea Dayton, Californians from the original reunion committee, I'm hosting a mini-reunion on Sunday, September 15, 2013, from noon to 5 pm in my backyard in Hillsborough, CA (about 10 minutes from the San Francisco airport).

For those who did attend last November, here’s a chance to meet again.  For those who live in the west, here’s your chance to get together without a major trip back east.  And for those who live farther away, it’s a great excuse to visit sunny California.  

So save the date, and plan to come and join us! Watch this Message Board for updates as details develop.

Rich Lane

Richard Lane
Belated Greetings from Judy Glassie Friis
I am truly glad to know where so many of my classmates are and what they are doing. I am currently living on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. I have been near the 50/301 split for the past twenty five years. I am widowed, live on a finger of the Wye River, having retired from a series of small businesses I owned and have recently started a new one. I design and produce silk scarves. I sell the scarves in a few local stores and do art shows in the Maryland area.


I see in the profiles several folks are moving to Centreville, MD. Symphony Village is about 15 minutes away. I would love to visit with them. I go to Centreville at least once a week to a Rotary meeting.


I have one son, who lives in San Francisco, he and his girl friend have an art business.  I live with a cat and my significant other, Michael. Mike is wheel chair bound having had polio as a child. We have a wine club, which meets, most Friday nights in our back room. Everyone is invited to join us.


I have had a busy life, it's hard to know what to "report".  I would welcome visits from any one coming through. I am about one mile off the road to the beach.


It will be good to hear from you.
Judy Glassie
Mini-reunion in Key West

Three of us just had a mini-reunion in Key West. In the photo, from left to right, are John Carnes, Wayne Ward, and Ted Sterne. John and Wayne couldn't make the big reunion, but Ted has filled us in. We'll try to make the next one.

John Carnes
Happy Holidays to All

Sorry I couldn't make it to the reunion, but my husband was on a trip to Dublin, Ireland and we were preparing ojrselves for his retirement flight in December.  I'm married to a now retired, USAirways pilot and have been for 42 years and we have two children.  A son who lives in Houston with his wife and new baby girl, our first grandchild, and a daughter who is an Admissions Representative for America Public University System in Shepherdstown, WV.

I have been in a contact with a few of you all, Linnea Dayton, John Eckert, Bob Peters to mention a few.  Thanks for that wonderful opportunity.  We plan to get together with John and his wife soon. All of you who put the website together and planned the reunion are to be congratulated.  Job well done!

Would love to make contact with all my old friends and classmates.  We are "local" still in the area Middletown, Md.

Happy Holidays to all

Betti Perrell Moore

Betti Perrell
Miss McNamara
Rather than "stern but very fair," I think of Miss McNamara as temperamental and not above intimidating her students. There's a particular incident I remember. David Osborne was in my class, and one day David got into an argument with Miss M. She may have misunderstood his reasoning, or something - I don't remember the content of the controversy. I remember that I agreed with David, though, and was nodding in support as he presented his side; I was hoping Miss M would notice that he wasn't the only one who held his opinion and would give the subject some more thought. Finally, she regaled David with what she determined was the last word and then really lost it as she turned to me and screeched, "And you - if you don't stop nodding your head, it's going to fall off!" 

Years later, that incident seems to be the only specific memory I have from her class, apart from a fascinating description of the Druids from Julius Caesar. Now that you mention it, though, Penny, I do remember (fondly) her fussing over her plants during tests.  
Linnea Brown Dayton
Internet Connections

Altho I was not able to make the big shindig this excellent website and the messages from the classmates allowed many of us to connect for the first time in 50-some years.  Betti Moore (nee Perrell) was my first girlfriend and we reconnected.  Jim VanDusen and I last met in Pittsburgh after the Army-Pitt football game in 1964.  He knew how to throw a party.  Almost missed my return formation as a result. At any rate, thanks for the info from these blogs and for whomever put this website together.  Can't wait for # 60.

John Eckert

John Eckert

The reunion was so much fun!!  I talked to more BCC  people in three hours than i did in three years while in high school.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the organizers.  In my case,  Jocelyn Trueblood did an incredible job of making the whole event work perfectly.  She even got me a job i always wanted....a bouncer at a big party.  I was able to work the front desk at the big dinner Saturday evening....I tried to frisk some of our alum but that did not go over too well...nor did attempts at carding guests to be sure they were of drinking age.  While i have this brief moment on the message board page, i want to announce that my son Max is a costar on an MTV series, Catfish, that is all about the trials and tribulations of internet romances.  It airs on Mondays at 11pm est, and many times thu the week.  Bill Joseph p.s. here is a photo from the party thanks to Joan Lardner Paul

William Joseph
Miss McNamara and Latin

I remember her well.  It was not my favorite class.  But over time Latin, Drivers Ed,  and Typing were the three "practical" subjects that made my life easier.  What I learned in her class allowed me to conquer language in general and writing in particular. Latin opened doors to understanding  word meaning and grammar.  I look back fondly on her legacy gift.

Bonnie Mogelever
Remembering Miss McNamara

I had Miss McNamara for second year Latin. I remember that I always seemed to scramble to have all the homework done before class. She was stern but very fair. I wonder if any of you remember how she would walk around the room tending her many plants while we were busy dealing with one of her tests. Anne Lowry recently sent me something on her which led me to see if I could find more. Sadly, she died in 2003. Here is her obituary. Just scroll down seven names:

Penny Huntington
Latin class recalled by Peter Lobban
People associated with B-CC seem to get out to California quite often.  Cases in point are our next-door neighbor, who was a sophomore when we were seniors, and two of my first wife's best friends, who went to B-CC for a year or two when their father was posted to Washington.  But the most interesting example goes like this.  I took Latin in junior and senior high school, and all my teachers were grey-haired elderly ladies.  So, when my friends spoke about their class with a Miss McNamara, I took it as a given that she was a grey-haired elderly lady also.  Latin did well by me over the years, so when my son Andrew entered seventh grade in Palo Alto, I suggested that he take Latin too.  He signed up, and when he came home the first day, he mentioned that his Latin teacher was a Miss McNamara.  Naturally, I told him about the teacher of the same name at B-CC back in my time and asked him to ask her if she knew anything about that one.  He came back home the next day with the news that the two Misses McNamara were one and the same.  By then, she had achieved the status of a grey-haired elderly lady, but she must have been in her thirties when our class was at B-CC.  I told Andrew to ask her if she remembered John Fiske.  Indeed she did:  he was the one who used to turn in blank exam papers and drive his teachers nuts.  She and Andrew became good friends, and she entered him in a Latin contest here in the Bay Area.      --Peter Lobban
Happy Holidays!!!

I just got our 50th Reunion picture and it is great!  I selected one (8 by 10).  I don't think that everyone is in it and that's too bad.  Faces are clear even with so many.  Of course, I started thinking about the reunion again.  It was so much fun reconnecting with old friends and making new ones.  I wish everyone Happy Holidays and the best for 2013!  Years go by so quickly so enjoy each day.  I now understand what my parents meant when they said, "How time flies!"  

Bobbie Hartmann Brake        

Roberta (Bobbie) Hartmann
A Chorus of Thanks to the Reunion Committee

Many, many thanks to the members of the reunion committee for all the organizing, planning and preparation for this event!  The weekend activities and the web site have enabled us to be back in contact with one another and renew old friendships.  We are deeply appreciative of the reunion committee’s sustained efforts over many months, creating the special magic of this 50th reunion.

Frank Heintz
Thank you from the Lobbans

Sonja and Peter Lobban on one of our many trips.  We love to travel and have visited all seven continents.  Even so, traveling to the reunion was one of our high points.  We were pleased to see so many friends there!  Now I’m hoping for a 55th or 60th, with maybe not so many additional changes to the Bethesda where we grew up.

What a wonderful reunion

I can't say it any better than the messages already sent praising the committee for a fabulious job putting the reunion together. They made it look so easy and I know it was anything but easy. Like Vicki Onslow Zuckerman I went to Summerset Elementery and was thrilled to reconnect with so many friends from elementry school and Jr. high as well as from BCC. I have to mention Hank Selke.  He and I went to 1st grade through High School together.  We carpooled to BCC and I hadn't seen him since we graduated.  It was so much fun to see him again and meet his delightful wife.  Ihe reunion holds wonderful memories, too many to list.  It was an evening I will never forget.  Thank you, Anne Tolley Dobbs

Anne Tolley
Reunion was really fun!

Thanks to all who worked so well and hard to put on the 50th reunion.  Having worked on a reunion committee in years past I know how much work goes into staging such a large affair.  It was terrific to see so many beautiful faces and recount so many memories with our classmates.  It made for a fun evening. Many of us went to Somerset Elementary and it was especially nice to re-connect with those who really knew me when: Ainslee, Ann, Diane, Betsy, David, Tracy, Richard.....

Hope we can all see one another in five or ten years or even sooner.

Vicki Onslow Zuckerman

Victoria Onslow
Wonderful reunion

The reunion committee really out did themselves.  I had a wonderful time and it was really great to see how many of us were able to come.  The all  should get high fives for the work they did to make it such a memorable weekend for all of us who did nothing but come to enjoy.  -- H. Lynda Greenstreet Sandler

H. Lynda Greenstreet

FYI: I recently discovered that I had deleted by mistake at least two messages/responses from classmates without seeing them first, because they appeared in my Junk Mail rather than in my In Box. Since I receive so much junk mail like most of us, I generally pay little attention to it all before I hit  "Delete All". In case any of you might have sent a message to a former classmate expecting a response and never received one, the same thing might possibly have  happened to them - in which case you might want to try contacting them again. Just thought you'd like to know.

                      Bob Peters

Robert Peters
Thanks to the reunion committee!

Thanks for all your work and for a well organized and fun weekend.

Ted Sterne

Ted Sterne
Sorry to have missed the reunion!

Many many thanks to a wonderful committee for long hours of preparation to make this reunion amazing.  Unfortunately, I was unable to attend.  I am now living a great life in sunny Boynton Beach, Florida. If you are ever in town give me a call if you even remember me :)

Here I am with my son, daughter-in-law, grandbaby, and 91 year old Mom last weekend :)

Alice Witkowski
Thanks to the Reunion Committee!!!!

Reunion was great! It was so special finding friends I hadn't seen for 50 years. Thanks for all your hard work. It really paid off.

Barbara Shepherd
A Great Reunion -- WOW!!!

I want to thank the committee for all their hard work and to thank my classmates for their warm welcome.  The reunion was so much fun!  I so enjoyed connecting and sharing with those I encountered.  I know that I didn't see everyone and I hope that I will have another opportunity.  I think that we should consider 5 years from now.

This was my first reunion and it was more than I imagined.  My best wishes to ALL, Bobbie Hartmann    


Roberta (Bobbie) Hartmann
Wonderful weekend

Thanks to the reunion committee for a relaxed, warm and lively set of events.  Wonderful to reconnect with old friends and meet classmates I didn't know well.

Karen Adkinson
Thanks for the memories. . .

Saturday night at the Hyatt was like a magical time travel experience.  Our younger selves mingled with the individuals we have become.  What a great night to remember!  Congratulations and thanks to the Reunion Committee for a fantastic accomplishment.   --Joan Panitz Felrice

Joan Panitz
Reunion at B-CC

Here's a photo of those who attended the B-CC tour onSaturday morning (taken by Richard Odell) 

Richard Odell
What life stories are posted here!

Hi everyone. I am too sick to be with you, compliments of my beautiful granddaughter. I guess I should blame myself for letting my immunity dip from not enough sleep after babysitting for 3 days.

I get a vicarious thrill, but at the same time a tinge of envy, for the most colorful and fascinating lives you all have lived. I especially appreciate stories from the veterans' "all expenses paid" (as someone hilariously wrote) trips to SE Asia. It is so odd that I hardly knew few veterans except Bob Tetro. I knew vets of WWI and WWII who were family friends, but it was Vietnam that was our generation's war. I know some of our classmates did not come back. And many women classmates have imprressive accomplishments even though ours were the times when women's options were somewhat limited. I wonder if any were angels of mercy in Vietnam. 

This is my 3rd posting and you might wonder just why I don't shut up. :-) I am just so impressed with our class as I read its story coming through all of you.

Maybe I can mention two really unusual experiences I had. There are others, but I am trying to keep this short--ha ha. I never was good at brevity. I met meet Konrad Adenaur's daughter in 1959 when we were both on horseback; and I also to shake hands with King Faisal of Saudi Arabia 1971 (he rode with Lawrence but I didn't know it then). The man was a giant and his presence was just as mighty. I wish I could have known him beyond that brief meeting.

This is all reflected glory, is it not? I certainly have lived an unusual life and colorful life, but as I read your stories and can't help but say WOW. 

Penny Huntington Hughes

Penny Huntington
Posted by Adrienne Riviere

Hey, all of you wonderful BCC '62 classmates, most of whom I regrettably did not get to know well - evident as I read the reports of those who have shared parts of their last 50 years.  Had we been as worldly wise as we are now we would likely have tried to know and enjoy the whole circle of our class, appreciated obvious talents and lingered with the potentials that were unfolding, helped to nurture those talents that seemed alien at that earlier point in time, and thus gotten here with the simple ease of being able to proclaim, "Yes.  I/we knew you all ... and knew that each of you would achieve or admirably survive to get to this day!"

I have kept in touch with only two people since BCC years - Rosemary (Sisler) Wadden (class of '63), married to a successful CA orthodontist, now living up the street from Mark Zuckerberg , and Ted Sterne who, despite his humble claims, smartly made the kind of money (though he obviously chose not to spend likewise) that could have bought any one of the high-end cars whose like owners turned their trust to Ted, especially given his acclaim as a Rolls Royce expert.  I haven't seen Ted since his daughters married - looks like he and Nancy are taking well to grandparenting some darling grandkids.  I still occasionally see Nancy Tolley at the Bethesda Safeway - she is still gracious and still gorgeous.

I taught briefly (elementary school, Montgomery County, Md).  Did import/export with a Mexican business.  Worked on a limited-term project for the federal government.  Most rewarding work has been in the field of learning disabilities - writing/editing/got published.  Interesting field because it encompasses education, law, health/medicine, and social-support services and serves the needs of substantial percentages of children and adults - thus the opportunity to work with professionals from a broad realm of disciplines.  Still doing contract work.

The longest-term commitment I have made to date is my 30-year membership at National Presbyterian Church, NW DC.  My family.
Blessings to all of the class of '62, BC
Adrienne (Gehman) Riviere
Adrienne Riviere
Lee May
Here's to the Class of '62

Hope this makes the Message Board !  After BCC, attended Georgia Tech but changed majors and wound up graduating from University of Maryland, College Park.  Enlisted in the Army, went to Officer Candidate School and upon receiving my commission as a 2nd Lt. married my wife of 44 years, Kathy.  We spent 2 years in Europe and then I did a tour in Viet Nam with a Bronze Star for my efforts.  Four years in the Army - came out a Captain.  Since then have been employed by a number of high tech and financial services corporations establishing (or turning around) procurement/contracting/logistics operations - my final 14 years at the VP level.  I retired from the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), formerly the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD), four years ago.  If you're not familiar, we owned and operated the NASDAQ Stock Market and the American Stock Exchange in addition to regulatory duties.  Kathy and I have two wonderful daughters- Alison and Melissa.  They are both married professionals.  Kathy has a successful Antiques business in downtown Frederick, Maryland.  I am a principle stockholder (read assistant).  We moved to Frederick County in 1978 when it was nothing but dairy farms.  Now, civilization is starting to close in.  Perhaps time to head south.  Good luck to you all !

James (Gray) Maxwell
50th Wedding Anniversary and preceding years

Greetings  from the Callaham/Dahl Clan on Monterey Bay where Mary Dahl and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in August. On the first day of school in 10th grade I saw this cute girl walking across the breezeway whose locker is near mine, then by-golly sat behind me in Mr. Iacangeloes Biology class. She fell for my waxed “Hollywood” duck tails. I asked her to the first school dance and we’ve been together ever since.

Shortly after we got married I enlisted in the Navy and stayed there for 33 years, bookending a career from Vietnam to Bosnia (with the cold war looming the whole time) and 23 family moves. Lots of sea duty  on submarines and aircraft carriers.  Early technical training in electronics led to a commission and Navy scholarships and graduate education in Atmospheric Physics, Oceanography and Human Relations. Truly astounding since I never got above a “C” in high school math or science.  BCC must have provided a solid foundation.  While I was being sent all over the world, the brains of the family, Mary, proceeded to pursue her Art and teaching degrees studying at American University, UCLA and University of Utah.  After our two children reached an age in which they could get into trouble without our help she started a 25 year teaching career ( CA, MS, VA, MD). Outside of teaching she has been an active artist in many different modes, selling and showing her work. As my career progressed from nuclear submarines and complex weapon systems, I became more involved in applying geophysical sciences to naval applications – namely large scale computer models in atmospheric and oceanographic predictions. I was in charge of the Deep Ocean Surveys, Polar Oceanography, National Ice Center and finally commanded the world wide Naval Oceanography Program. One of the great ironies – I was able to avoid DC duty for 25 years then dragged kicking to my office at the historic Naval Observatory , from which I could walk to some of the Georgetown hotspots I frequented as an 18 year old(DC drinking age) in high school.

Mary and I decided to retire together, so for 10 years we split our time between sailing the Chesapeake and the Monterey Bays and exploring the USA in our cross country travels. We’ve now given up all ties to the east coast and are full time in Monterey CA. Mary has given over the blue water sailing to me where I can be found frequently making oceanographic observations and single handling my 37’ sailboat. Mary however is active in the Monterey Art scene and honchos the Northern California Collie rescue organization ( We remember many of you as 15-17 year olds with great fondness and often. They were truly very special years and relationships.

                                                                                                                                  Tom & Mary (Dahl) Callaham

Mary Dahl
Greetings from northeastern Vermont

For the past several months, I've tremendously enjoyed reading about what so many of you have been up to in your lives these past 50 years.  Much as I hate to admit it,  I really don't remember too many of you after all these years; but how very interesting your lives have been!  For the past 40 years, I've been back in my home state of Vermont, not far from the Canadian border in the beautiful "Northeast Kingdom." 


Here's a quick thumbnail sketch of my 50 years.  After B-CC,  I earned a BS degree at the Univ. of  Maryland,  taught in MCPS for 5 years, and then threw all my belongings into a U-Haul-It  rental truck and returned to Vermont.  It seemed high time for a new challenge.  Everyone encouraged me with, "You're nuts. You have no job. What are you going to DO?"  When I arrived up here 12 hours later,  I asked myself the same things.  I had plenty of interests, though,  and knew something would turn up,  as it did.  

Carpentry was an immediate necessity for converting an old horse barn on my parents' property into a house for myself.  Then I went looking for a job to pay the bills.  For the next 15 years I did community development work on a tri-county basis, first with 4-H kids, then the elderly, and finally policing grants and loans and managing an elderly low-income housing project for the regional planning commission.  Subsequently,  during the dozen years my parents were in failing health and thereafter,  I did a stint as a "stringer" reporter for the local newspaper,  as a special education tutor and aide,  and as a dreaded town "lister" -- all very interesting work.  Along the way,  I took up sewing,  furniture upholstery and refinishing,  and landscape panorama photography;  I rediscovered boating and water skiing;  and every 20 years or so I even pick up my old metal Wilson tennis racket.

For the past 37 years,  I've been married to a delightful,  creative, Vermont renaissance man,  whose latest venture is building a 34 foot junk rig sailboat from scratch-- almost finished --to sail in the south during future winters. We've both spent a lot of time in various boats on our beautiful local Willoughby Lake, and we've designed and built ourselves a small camp there on the lake to enjoy, we hope, during future summers. 

It's been a good 50 years.  Frost's  "
road less traveled by"  has indeed made all the difference for me.  (Frost,  by the way,  also discovered the tranquil beauty of our "Northeast Kingdom" here-- living and writing for a time in Concord, VT.)  

At this point,  let me wish you all a good old-fashioned,  engaging,  and fun-filled reunion.  --Anne Weaver Welch

Anne Weaver Welch
Hello from Nebraska! Have a GREAT time at the Reunion!

Thank you to everyone who had a part in organizing the Reunion and also setting up this web site! It has been wonderful finding out what interesting things our fellow classmates have been doing these past 50 years and reconnecting with some of them. You're all amazing!

I'm out here on the Great Plains and it has been a different life from my childhood in DC and school years in MD. I commuted to the U of MD and graduated in 4 1/2 yrs with a degree in Sec. Ed. Social Studies. I didn't get a teaching job mid-year and so went on to Grad School in History. I met (in Feb) and married (in June) a fellow student from Indiana, Tommy Thompson. We're still together after 45 years! We moved here in '69 when he got a job teaching American, Colonial and Southern History at the U of Neb-Omaha.

We raised our two daughters here. I did the Mom thing- volunteer, Scout leader, PTA. I also taught Preschool, not H.S., when I found my true calling in Early Childhood Education. I taught 3 and 4 yr olds for 27 years! Both of our girls moved away to interesting places. One is a teacher in Colorado Springs and the other lives in Orlando and works for Disney.  We have two grandchildren in each place and spend our time visiting them as much as possible. We often stop at historical sites along the way-even cemeteries searching for family genealogy.

I have enjoyed the You Tube tour of Bethesda by Mr Offutt. It brought back memories of spending my allowance at Band Box gift shop, eating Hot Fudge Sundaes at Giffords and having cherry cokes at Carrrier Drugs. Does anybody remember Chum Gum? I've enjoyed Jeannie Smith's historical notes about the 60's and I  contributed to the Class of '62 gift fund. I hope that the students of today have the opportunity to have teachers of the same high quality that we did.

My group at school was the Orchestra and we had some great teachers. They instilled a love of performance back then and a love of music for life. C J Petranek was our director. He was also conductor of the Mont. Co. Youth Orch. and many B-CC students were members. He was fantastic! Mr Messeck taught me Harmony and Mr Damron moved up from Leland to Band/Orch while we were there. They along with Mr Della Santa helped us put on 3 wonderful musicals-Damn Yankees, Oklahoma, and Annie Get Your Gun. Karen Smith just posted some pics. We met kids from all grade levels and the music was fun!

Well, it's here! I hope that everyone that is able to attend has a wonderful time. And I hope you will keep the rest of us posted on the activities of our Class of '62     Lin (Downie) Thompson

Rolinda Downie (Lin) Thompson
A last minute change

Hello again. It seems that the force is not with me. Or maybe I'm not with the force. Whatever it might be, I won't be at the reunion as planned. It turns out that grandchildren are quite generous with bacteria and viruses, no matter how often the grandparent might wash her hands.

It became quite apparent this morning that I received their little 'gift. I have been supine all day.  I know that all of you are happy that I am hoarding this gift all to myself. I do hope to hear from you after the dust settles, so to speak. My email address is I look forward to reading glowing reports.

I am attaching another picture just in case you don't put the name with the face. Even if, after looking at 'the face' as it currently appears, you still don't make the connection, please refer to your yearbook. :-)

Penny Huntington Hughes

Penny Huntington
My Life - For What It's Worth

Remember some of you from Leland JH (may she R.I.P) and then to BCC only in my sophomore year.  Then to NJ for high school graduation.  Being a glutten for punishment went to in chronological order: West Point, Airborne School, Ranger School.  28 years in the Army featuring 2 years of all expense paid tours to Vietnam.  The bad guys got me twice but I retaliated earning the Silver Star while doing so.  Then to Alaska, OK, NM, KY, TN.  During those 28 years earned master's degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Michigan State, MBA from Utah, and Tax Accounting from Iowa State.  Civilian career spent mostly in the Middle East (Abu Dhabi/Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, and Jordan) as VP of Admin for American university campuses there.  Had a book published on those 6 years.  Fun writing.

Fully retired with wife, Roberta, of 45 years and frequent invasions by up to 5 grandsons. Busy in volunteer work and writing my second book on a specific aspect of the Civil War.

Have enjoyed renewing old friendships through this forum.

John Eckert
I am very appreciative the education I received at BCC.

My favorite teacher was Mrs. Jenkins, a lovely Basque lady who taught Spanish.  I had considered myself an average student while there, but when I went on to the University of Maryland I was astounded to find that I had exempted the freshman classes.   So, as we all knew or would learn, we went to a superior high school. 

I married after receiving a BA in government at Maryland, and was an at-home mother of two before graduating from George Mason University law school when I was 40.   Most of my legal career was in-house with the American Institute of Architects, and the Associated General Contractors of America.  I was also with the DC office of a Philadelphia firm and have been a consultant to the American Society of Landscape Architects.  When I retired from fulltime work, I became certified to teach the Alexander Technique.  If you don’t know about it and are interested, you might want to look at  I also am active in community organizations. 

I am very proud of my children, a veterinary medical pathologist and an engineer, as well as their three children.  I am now married to Robert Simon, the founder of Reston, Virginia, our hometown since 1969.  Bob will be 100 years old on Reston’s 50th anniversary in 2014, but in many respects he is younger than most people I know.  Life is good. 

Cheryl Terio
Hello to the class of '62 from John Carnes

Although I won't be attending the reunion, I will be there in spirit.

The short version of my life starts with a couple of years at the University of Maryland then a stint with the Marine Corps. I then started flying and worked for an air taxi firm out of Washington National Airport for a while and then became an air traffic controller. Twenty four years later, after working in Miami, Washington, D.C, and New York, retirement came on my 50th birthday. Loved not having to work, but soon got bored and started doing consulting work. Eighteen years later I'm still working and doing various consulting jobs, the last few years full-time for the FAA.

Over the years I've added a wife, jettisoned a wife, and have been with my love, Eloise, for the last 26 years. My son and my two grandkids live in North Carolina. Eloise's daughter and her two grandkids live near us in California.

My trek through life had me living in Bethesda on and off for most of my years. Between stints in Bethesda, I lived in south Florida for 5 years, Dublin for 2 years, Madrid for 2 years, Las Vegas for 3 years, New York City for 2 years, and now in San Mateo, California, for the last 5 years. We finally sold the last house in Bethesda 2 years ago. I think we'll stay put in California for the duration.

Work and play have taken me to most cities in the U.S. as well as the countries of Canada, England, Ireland, Wales, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Greece, Croasia, Turkey, Columbia, Panama, Guatamala, Mexico, Costa Rica, Iraq, Jordan, Quatar, Oman, Kuwait, and probably a few others I don't remember. Asia and Africa seem to have avoided participating in my life so far.

Since we love to travel, I'll probably continue to do consulting work for a few more years. I manage to log about 150,000 miles a year on airplanes. Sometimes Eloise likes to tag along, depending on the destination of course. Our future plans call for visits to Key West, South Africa, and a riverboat trip down the Danube. We're also pondering a cruise in the Caribbean enroute to Key West.

I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion.

John Carnes
This may arrive a little late

Contrary to rumor, I am not (yet) dead--but thanks to you, Dawn Sheeler for remembering me.  

After B-CC I got my BA at Wellesley College, followed by an MA at Brown. Moved with my ex to California where he started work as a geologist for the US Geological Survey. Our daughter,  Julia, is now a special ed teacher. We lived in Great Falls VA for many years.

I ended up working at the  USGS then returned to grad school at the University of Washington for my PhD in geography. I am now divorced, living in St. Petersburg FL. Still working as a researcher studying how people use maps on the Internet but looking forward to retirement next year.

Even though I was only at B-CC for two years, I remember some of you very fondly and look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Barbara (Shepherd) Poore

Barbara Shepherd
From Debbie Dwyer Batjer

Won’t be at the reunion, but hope you all have a great time seeing old friends, renewing memories, and probably puzzling over now-who-was-that.   Having been at BCC only 11th & 12th grades, I would be hard-pressed to know many of you, even assuming my memory was better than it is!

My family moved to Seattle the day we graduated in ‘62 (the year of the Seattle World’s Fair), getting my BA 4 years later from the University of Washington.  I met my husband there 45 years ago.  Aside from a year in NC and 2 years in Montana, we’ve made our home in the Northwest.  Our expanding, great family has 3 kids, their spouses, 4 grands and soon additional twin boys.  (I posted a picture of us all here.)

I variously taught school, worked as an editor, had my own promotional & writing business, and volunteered.   About 20 years ago, I had a brainstem stroke and subsequent other health issues, but I’ve been fortunate to have few disAbilities that interfere with our very active lives.

Thanks for making this site available and for all the work that has gone into holding this reunion.  How do we get a class directory?

Deborah Dwyer
Greetings and Felicitations!

After BCC, I was able to extend my football playing for one year at a small college (Carnegie Mellon), bounced around working, another college (George Washington) and The Marine Corps before coming back to the auld sod and securing my undergraduate degree from The University of Maryland. I worked for a short time on the East Coast, including New York City and moved to Los Angeles, CA with only what I had in my car and no job. That was in 1970 and I'm still here. Met my wife, Linda, in 1972, earned my Masters Degree and have been managing law and accounting firms for the last 25 years. Transistioning into retirement and only working part time now. Not ready to give it up. Have become involved in political activism on the local level. It is amazing how much one can do after the work years wind down. I have lived next to or below the Hollywood Sign in LA since I came to LA so you have all looked at the neighborhood where I live at one time or another. It can be as weird and wacky out here as it looks!

Unfortunately, I will not be able to get to Bethesda for the reunion. I was there several years ago and by happenstance stayed at the hotel over the Bethesda subway station. All I could think of was People's Drug Store, Leon's Mens Clothing store, The Hiser Theater and the bowling alley which were no longer there. And of course the ever ready police station and Hot Shoppes across the street (who set the record for lapping Shoppes in '62? After that they put up the barriers to lapping, etc.). A flood of memories.

Good luck and best wishes to all!

Jim Van Dusen

W. James (Jim) Van Dusen
Well, it didn't work the first time, so here we go again

......... After a remarkably undistinguished career at BCC, I followed a peripatetic academic course of twenty-four years: four school changes in 5.5 years to a psych & phil B.A.; one school change and four years to a phil M.A.; a semester driving a taxi, another as a part-time assistant phil instructor, and a third hitch-hiking about the West; four years to a psych M.A.; nearly a year in a tent on the beach just north of Santa Barbara; a year failing at business; and, finally, eight years to a social welfare Ph.D. It sounds exhausting as I recite it, and some of it was, but most of it was great fun.

Since then, I've mostly been doing psychotherapy in Baltimore and Monkton, MD, where I've made my home with Mickie, my wife of 40 years. The work is so wonderful, I sometimes almost feel guilty about getting paid to do it.

Avocations along the way have included fine art photography – you can see some of my work at – wilderness travel, periodic trips to D.C. and New York for food and art fixes, zen meditation, and helping Mickie garden nearly every square inch of our 10.6 acres.

Partial retirement is coming up soon, but I don't plan to stop doing therapy altogether until the authorities discover that I've become too stupid to be allowed to continue, or I become too stupid to find my way to work, whichever comes first.

The picture on the left was taken in 1972; the other in 2010. A long strange trip indeed.

Sam Yaffe
Hey everyone from 1962 -

I look at our class website all the time and remember so many of your faces with fond memories.  I won't be attending the reunion - I am retiring the last day of the year and have lots to do to leave my responsibilities.  I have been in healthcare for the last thirty-five years and, for the most part, loving all that I do.  My husband, Carl, and I have lived in Tampa, FL, for the last fifteen years.  Prior to that we lived in Pasadena, CA.  We have a son and daughter, one in southern California the other in South Florida.  I am a Tampa Bay Rays fan and love to watch them beat the Yankees.  You all seem to have had so much fun and great careers through the years - I am glad I knew so many of you and wish you well.  Fond regards to all of you - Carol Moesching (Bakutis)

Carol Moesching (Bakutis)
The Reduced Shakespeare version of my life

Here goes: After BCC, I went to Washington University in St. Louis, where I met my wife and got a degree in history.  I moved on to the University of Rochester for a Ph.D. in history.  No job followed, so after a couple of false starts, I joined Merrill Lynch in 1976.  I still manage a book of business at ML in partnership with my older son Clayton.  My younger son, Peter, is bureau chief for Bloomberg News in Rio de Janeiro.  Each has two kids.

Fran graduated from the WU School of Fine Arts and started a business repairing antique textiles, which she still runs out of our home.

We bought a run down country home in 1973 and have slowly turned it in to a pleasant place to live. I should say, Fran has made it special.  I mostly complain about the cost.  About 20 years ago, the land surrounding us was put into a conservancy.  Fran's latest project is turning our field and one across the road into habitat for migrant songbirds..

We live near a small college town about 30 miles south of Rochester.  It is the home of the premier campus of the State University of New York, SUNY Geneseo.  I now teach a course each fall in the English department.  I'm known in town as the 'guy who reads everything.'  Last year I published a novel, Tariel's Way, which has already sold almost a hundred copies (!).

We take advantage of the active cultural life in Rochester.  I have served on the boards of the theater, the orchestra foundation, and the local community foundation, among others.

For me retirement is like sailing to the horizon: it is always 3 1/2 miles away.

Michael Millard
Greetings from Charlie Fox

After BCC I went to the University of Virginia, then three years on a Navy destroyer, mostly in Vietnam, then a year around the world with a pack on my back.  After a stint in NYC I went to Harvard Business School and ended up in Richmond, VA where I am an investment adviser at a firm I founded in the 1980's.  I'm blessed with a great wife of 40 years, a son (see wedding photo) and a daughter who is expecting our first grandchild.  I love to travel (83 countries so far), exercise and ride motorcycles.  Sorry to miss all of you at the reunion.  I've enjoyed the photos and updates.

Charlie Fox

Charles Fox

I would love to be coming to our 50th Reunion and as hard as I tried I just couldn't make the arrangements.  I am a caregiver and it just didn't work out.  I have been following all the boards and see many familiar names and lots of awesome pics.  The majority of these people I have not seen since '62 and I would love to make that connection; however . . . I'm sure I'm going to miss a GREAT time and look forward to follow-up with photos.

Joanne Edwards
Bethesda Walking Tour on Saturday afternoon, 1:30 pm

A little history from our Tour Guide, Bill Offutt. Join us . . . 

1962, the year of John Glenn’s flight into space, Silent Spring and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The County’s mild public accom­modations law produced some unsurpris­ing con­flicts.  The Chevy Chase Club de­nied that it excluded both Negroes and Jews. But the Kenwood Club refused to admit a black member of WJ’s Wheel Club who had been in­vited to a Rotary Club function.

At Our Lady of Lourdes church Msgr. . Elmer;Fisher celebrated forty years of priesthood.  Temple Beth El dedicated its sanctuary, and the Presbyterians founded St. Mark’s in Luxmanor XE  "Luxmanor" <![endif]-

Jeanne Smith
Hi To All From Penny Huntington

Hi Everyone! We’re only a few days away from our reunion. I have so enjoyed reading others’ stories that I thought it might not be too late to tell you a little about where I’ve been.  After graduation I went to the University of Maryland. At the beginning I was a little disappointed because freshman classes there were nothing like the rigors of those at BCC. That changed as I progressed, and I feel I got an excellent education. 


I knew when I was in 10th grade I wanted to teach English. I took every English course I could and ended up teaching at Central High School in Seat Pleasant MD after graduation. What an experience! Do you remember the book “Up the Down Staircase” about a teacher’s experience in inner city New York? My experience at Central was very similar, but it was an excellent school with a very fine principal. 


In 1967 a chance meeting brought me in touch with a man I had known since I was 16, mainly in passing. We had two friends in common. I married the love of my life, Chesley Clay Hughes, 5 months later and I crossed the river to Virginia. We had 16 years together and two sons, dogs, cats and a rabbit. I had the “house with the white picket fence” but guess what? I got  bored. That caused me to jump into the fire of law school. I happily passed the Virginia Bar, but discovered along the way that I was too idealistic and “Pollyanna-ish” to be a lawyer. I just didn’t want to do it. It was at this time too that my husband got cancer and died 5 months later. He was buried at Arlington in September 1983.


I moved immediately to my present house in Centreville, Virginia. My boys have grown into fine men and I have two grandsons in Richmond and two granddaughters in Ashburn. My law degree and Bar membership did very much for my career outside practicing law. I found my way to contracts, and found my niche. I worked with construction contracts and subcontracts. Later I moved into government contracts. I had a rude awakening because I didn't think anything could be more demanding than construction. Wrong....Yet I really enjoyed the work.


Through the years I have traveled to Europe many times--can’t get enough. My daughter-in-law is European so I have the great fortune of visiting Romania almost every year since 2006. It is very much the way Italy was in 1966 as it was awakening from the war. The people too are like Italians, very warm.


Presently I am “retired” but am busier than I was working. That’s a trite statement but it’s true. I do plan to find a part-time job just because of the stimulation (and extra money). 


I look forward to catching up with many of you in just a few days.


Penny Huntington Hughes

Penny Huntington
Mike Millard's Novel

In a shameless act of self promotion, here is my novel, Tariel's Way, which is available on Amazon and Kindle.

Michael Millard

This photo was taken in 1973--today I am 100 lbs lighter and with not nearly as much hair :(  My lovely wife, Sherry, and I have been married for 42 years with two kids, both graduated from B-CC and both are doing well and living in the South.  Got my draft notice when in graduate school--Bethesda draft board had slim pickings--but joined an Army Reserve unit instead.  (1967 was the last year you could do that.)  I spent 30 years as a Federal government employee and took an early out in 1996 from my last post at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as an economist. Have lived in the DC area since B-CC graduation and moved to Bethesda about 30 yrs ago. Oh by the way, our son, also named Bill, has his 10th B-CC reunion the week after ours.  See you all on the 17th.

Bill Lambe

William Lambe
Walter Wood Living in the Orlando Florida Area

Sorry I can’t make it to the reunion as I am recovering from knee replacement surgery three weeks ago.  I am getting around OK and was able to be out on my own today but pain and rehab will keep me close to home.  I was on the list to attend the 40th Reunion but I guess it never came together. 

After graduation from BCC I attended the University of South Florida in Tampa and received a degree in geology.  Through a series of coincidences I ended up in a job I loved with the US Geological Survey but upon graduation the Selective Service didn’t consider that job patriotic enough.  I then took a job with the Navy in the DC area making top secret charts and the Navy requested a deferment for me but again, that was not good enough for Selective Service.  Soon after that I ended up in the USAF (and averaged a 20-hour work week for four years – lol). 

After serving, I went back to the USGS but this time in Orlando Florida.  I also had a marine aquarium business called Oceans Unlimited for seven years and actually once had a BCC classmate as a customer.  I also worked with a geotechnical consulting firm for several years and in 1989 took a position as Senior Hydrogeologist for Lake County Florida (just west of Orlando) in their environmental protection agency.  Most of my work was in contamination studies, landfills and water quality monitoring.  Two years ago that position was eliminated in a round of budget cuts and I am semi-retired and doing free-lance consulting.  Additionally from 2001-2003 I was honored to serve as President of the Florida Association of Professional Geologists.  I am currently living in the Apopka FL area just north of Orlando.

I have four great children and two grandsons.  The kids are scattered all over: a son in Alexandria VA, a son with the grandsons in Georgetown SC, a daughter in Atlanta and a daughter in Palm Bay FL.  They are all great kids and doing well.  My wonderful wife Sylvia (see photo) and I celebrated our 22 anniversary Nov. 10.  My personal (and family history) website can be found at and I can be contacted through the website.

Walter Wood
Here's the photo I meant to include in my message!

Couldn't add photo after the fact! Here it is ...

Phyllis Bond
Looking forward to seeing everyone!!!

This photo shows  me and my best friend (!) sitting on my deck in beautiful wine country Temecula, CA, where I have lived for the last 10 years.

Itseems like I have lived through several lives since our graduation 50 years ago (what, 50?? must be some mistake!!):

I got my BS from Purdue (biology), which included 1 year in Strasbourg, France; then I was off to Hawaii, where I got my MS (agronomy).

While in Hawaii, I married James ("Kimo") Walker, who was also a graduate student. Our two children were born there: Lance “Kalani” and Coral “Keala.”

Once Kimo got his PhD (coastal engineering) in 1974, we moved to California: first Los Alamitos and then Orange. Kimo left a legacy of many outstanding coastal projects all over the world and was proclaimed the “granddaddy of artificial surf sites” after his death at age 53 from cancer. We had been married for 30 years.

Four years after his death, I moved to Temecula, where I am now living my lifelong dream of having horses and keeping them on my own property.

My new best friend (besides my dog and my four horses!) is Terry, a retired firefighter, who has lived here with me for the past 7 years. We feel like we live in paradise!!

Son Kalani (43) now lives and surfs in San Clemente while working as a landscape architect to design high-end resorts all over the world. Daughter Keala (41) is enjoying the outdoor life in Washington State while working as a sous-chef for a grocery store near Snohomish. I am so proud of my kids and so in love with the two grandsons and two granddaughters they have given me.

Although currently “semi-retired” (read, “unemployed”), I am trying my hand at selling Mary Kay cosmetics … no boss but myself! In my former lives, besides being a mom, I had worked off and on mostly as a technical copy editor, still remembering the English taught to me by Miss Casey and the science principles taught by Mr. Evans and Mr. Butterfield. We are so blessed to have gone to a special place like BCC, something I took for granted then but hugely appreciate now! Looking at the lives we have all pursued and enjoyed, I am so impressed, while being saddened by the ones we have lost.

Looking forward to the Reunion!!!

Phyllis Bond
Sorry to miss you -- From Anita (Wilson) Esslinger

Still working as a lawyer in London.  My husband, Stephen, a professional cook, feeds me well. We are great tennis fans and try to play as often as we can (and do a wonderful tennis "camp" in Switzerland each year, run by Roy Emerson). 

All the best, Anita

Anita (Wilson) Esslinger
Carol Tedrow Newman

I have had great fun catching up on news from the class of ’62. I send a big thank you to all, who have sent in their news and to the organizers of this reunion. It brings back great memories. I would like to pay tribute to my first best friend, Carol Tedrow (Newman). We were pals in the 1940’s pre kindergarten years, sharing pbj’s, trading cards, reading comic books,  and playing dolls. She went to Chevy Chase elementary. I went to Our Lady of Lourdes. When we got home from school, we’d rush to tell each other about our day. We played hide and seek, dodge ball, red rover with the big kids, who didn’t seem to mind having us younger kids tailing after them. We were in and out of each other’s houses, which were never locked. We played until dusk, when our moms called us in to eat dinner with our families. Carol’s family eventually moved to the other side of Chevy Chase. but our friendship continued with biking back and forth, overnights, girl scouts, and carpooling to our summer government jobs. When I transferred to BCC my junior year, she welcomed me. As we moved onward to careers and marriage and children, our Christmas letters or yearly phone call kept us in touch, until one letter returned marked deceased.  Carol died suddenly from a brain aneurism in 2005. She was a single mom of three, living and working in Myrtle Beach. SC. I will never forget her enthusiasm for life, her quest for adventure and her love of people. There was always a giggle in her voice and her laugh could be recognized in a crowd. When I received this reunion notice, I pursued tracing Carol’s family and had a delightful phone visit with her daughter, Darley Newman. Darley is a host, writer and producer of the Emmy award winning PBS show, “Equitrekking”. She’s moved to Bethesda and looks amazingly like her mother. Carol would be proud!

Susan Ford
Closer and Closer

I am very excited about being part of the 50th.  I have always moved on from one experience to another and honestly I have not been in touch with anyone from my high school experience.  Hopefully seeing everyone will bring back memories.  I just wanted to warn you that I have a one track mind.  I will do my very best to convince y'all to join us on the dance floor. Square dancing has become our life, our passion and if you will our safe haven. 

Yellow rock (square dance for hugs),


Bonnie Mogelever
Greetings from Jim and Susan (Knoebber) Audley

Jim and I both left BCC at the end of our junior year as his family moved to Westport, CN and mine went south to Fort Lauderdale, FL. However, we did stay in touch through snail mail and occasional calls and finally re-met just as I moved to Bethesda to begin teaching English at Herbert Hoover Jr. High while Jim headed for flight school in Pensacola. In February of 1968 we were married in St. John's Chapel at the National Cathedral, and began married life at the US Coast Guard Station in Elizabeth City, NC flying search and rescue in helicopters and coastal patrols in the HU-16 Grumman Albatross.

After our first daughter, Jennifer, was born, we headed for CG Station Annette Island, AK, to await the arrival of our second daughter, Katherina. Jim decided to stay in the Coast Guard Reserve  and to complete that last year of college at Temple University which brought us to the Philadelphia area. Our third daughter, Elizabeth, a red,white and blue model was born in 1976. Jim began a thirty year career with Amtrak as a civil engineer making many improvements in the Northeast Corridor as well as serving in the CG Reserve rising to the rank of Captain and completing his career at Governor's Island, NY. I continued to teach in a variety of venues from working with illiterate adults to adult night classes and setting up cooperative nursery schools.  Our ivy league educated daughters have grown into wonderful, independent women who have carved out very creative and fulfilling careers.  Jim continued his careers with both the Coast Guard and Amtrak for thirty years, while Susan found her niche as a reading specialist in a researched base private school as well as an adjunct professor teaching the teachers the diagnosis and remediation courses for reading for twenty years.  Now we are both retired, and it is exhausting. 

We bought 3 acres of land on a fruit ranch in Zihautanejo, Mexico, and Jim finally got to build his own house..albeit Mexican house. We are off the grid with solar panels supplying our electricity, and a well providing water. It took several years and lots of elbow grease and just plain muscle, but our sweet little house is a wonderful retreat for January, February and March. We did not go last winter as Jim was determined to check off a major bucket list sail across the Atlantic Ocean.  

He and his crew left on the first at the starting gun for the Annapolis to Bermuda Race on June 6th and came in second in their class and first in the ocean portion. I met them in Bermuda for the celebration, and saw them off for the longest leg from Bermuda to the Azores, and then again to the third leg from Horta to Lisbon. It took 29 sailing days altogether, and everyone arrived intact and changed from the experience. Jim and I continued to sail our Tartan 37 from Lisbon to Alicante, Spain for the next six weeks. We plan to return in May, to continue the Med Coastal sailing next summer.

Of course, after all this hard living and replacement of boat parts, the inevitable happened, and people parts began to wear out. Jim had his left hip replaced on October 23rd, and in spite of an incredibly smooth and strong recuperation, the reunion date is just too soon for us to travel with our doctor's blessing. So alas we are very sad not to have this once in a lifetime opportunity to reconnect with childhood friends and high school cohorts. So even though we did not officially graduate from BCC, we will always be Barons at heart. We look forward to hearing from and of those of you who do make it to the 50th Reunion.We'll be there in spirit!

Susan Knoebber
To All: Mr. Butterfield, Mr. Evans

I loved physics because of Mr. Evans, majored in Physics in college, turned down an offer for a full ride phd to go to medical school.  i went to medical school inspired by Mr Butterfield, who became a life long friend.  after he and Nancy moved to Hinsdale NH he taught biology and english at Brattleboro HS in VT and i visited them multiple times, and stayed with Nancy and charles when we took kids on the college tour (they went to Middlebury and Williams).  Julie and I will be at the reunion and look forward to seeing those of you who can make it. I flunked retirement and now do a lot of corporate (biotech/green tech) board work and am running a clinical trial of gene therapy.  

bob Engler. 

Robert Engler
Greetings From Donna Hansen

With my husband Eddie Evans at a recent wedding at the Comus Inn.  Our eighth anniversary will be November 23rd -- the third time is the charm for both of us.  It's been a blast to hear from so many classmates.  Cheers to the Reunion Committee for doing such a wonderful job.  We'll see you for happy hour in the lobby lounge to kick things off...

Donna Hansen Evans
You don't look a day over 68!

I am looking so forward to seeing everyone at the bar round up Friday night. My law office is a short 3 blocks from the hotel, so how I could I possibly resisit the tempation to start the coktail hour at 4:30?? Fighting for truth , justice and the American Way all day can sure parch a guy's throat. My bride of 48 years (I married Diane after my soph year in college) and I will , unfortunately, take a pass on Saturday night as we have our great niece's Bat Mitzvah which starts at sundown followed by dinner. I have been practicing law for 42 years and like, Doug Dent, may look for something else in the next few years. We have 3 daughters and 5 grandchildren, all of whom are local, so we are very fortunate to spend a lot of time with our family. Best wishes to all, Jordan Spivok 

Jordan Spivok

Hello all, I had hoped to come to the Reunion, but it does not look like I will make it.  After BCC I went to the University of South Carolina and upon graduation went to work in the campaign of former Governor Fritz Hollings as he ran for the United States Senate.  We won and I went to Washington as a legilative aide for four years, returning to USC for Law School with a wife and child.  During law school I worked for the Senator and upon graduation ran his re-election campaign in 1974.  Then I move to Greenville, SC, opened my law practice and have been practicing for close to 40 years.   I have two married children and three wonderful grandchildren, 2 girls and a boy. 

Over the years in my spare time I managed or assisted with numerous political campaigns for City Council, County Council, State House, State Senate, Lt. Governor and Governor.  In 2004, I managed the NBC/SC Democratic Party Presidental Debate in Greenville and in 2008 the one held at SC State University.   I am now retired from politics and look forward to doing something other than practicing law in the next couple of years. 

I hope you all have a great time.  Sorry I missed seeing so many of my old friends.   I look forward to pictures on the web. --Doug Dent

Douglas Dent
Greetings from Kevin Healy
Kevin Healy has had a long ongoing career in social philanthropy in Latin America, especially in rural communities of the Andean countries. Over the past twelve years, he has also forged an academic career in the D.C. area universities, teaching courses to graduate and undergraduate students on Latin American related topics. -- This photo is from 4 years ago, with friends in a Bolivian Andean weaving community. 
Greetings from Bob Peters (Robert Royce)

Fifty years? Can it be?? I'm still trying to decide what i want to be when I grow up !!!
       After graduation I attended college in Kansas graduating five years later with degrees in psychology and theatre. Next was graduate school at Indiana University receiving my Masters.The following summer I apprenticed at the Falmouth Playhouse earning my Actors' Equity card (requiring a name change - aka Robert Royce) - then on to NYC for the next seven years trying to get that big break. That never happened - although a few oportunities turned up from time to time. Finally, tired of subsistance jobs, and also falling in love, my partner and I moved to Amherst, Massachusetts, where I worked for a number of years in social services management. We later moved to Cape Cod to futher my partner's career,while I found new work here also in social work. 
     My partner died suddenly/unexpectedly almost ten years ago after 32 incredibly wonderful years together, and since then I've been working in (not living in - not yet anyway!) an assisted living facility. Although the loss of my partner stays with me deeply every day, I'm fortunate to still be working -  in good health (knock on wood) - and enjoying bicycling or walking each day in a beautiful environment.
     I looked through the "Pine Tree" recently for the first time in many years, as well as this website, and remembered so many names and faces - which brought back memories both happy and sad. Because I will not be attending the reunion, I will be left only with the memories of many of you as you were then - when life was a little simpler and we all had dreams - some came true - some didn't - but to those of you reading this, we've at least survived!
     Best wishes to you all and have a wonderful reunion. 
                                                                                        Bob Peters   (

Looking Forward to Reconnecting

Like some of our other classmates, I moved to Bethesda before my junior year, so I only spent the final two years of high school at B-CC.  But it was a great two years!  Some memories include Saturday morning games of risk with Mike Millard and David Freedman; “chimistry” taught in Mr. Nelson’s North Carolina accent; a fantastic physics class with the Grey Ghost, Mr. Evans; playing the hotel keeper in Annie Get Your Gun; and so forth.  And my Penn State fraternity brother, Stevie Redburn, who I didn’t meet until college, is listed among the “missing alumni”?


After Penn State, I went to Harvard Law School, then after a couple of years in the army, moved to San Francisco and practiced both with the government (Justice Department) and in private law firms, including my own, for many years.  Along the way, I got married (Mary) and had two daughters (Jenny, 34, and Susannah, 30).  We have lived in Mill Valley, CA, the past 34 years, where I was active in both the schools and on the Mill Valley City Council for 8 years.  But over the past 10 years, I have devoted most of my energies to developing an investment business in which I am still active.  I am looking forward to attending the reunion.  It should be a blast!


--David Raub

David Raub
Hello All!

It's nice to read about BCC friends. I've been living on Cape Cod since graduating from Penn State, first teaching art, later working with my husband in his land surveying and engineering business, and now working as a school librarian at a middle school in Plymouth. We have three children and three grandchildren who all live close so there is no end to wonderful, exhausting activity. I'm wishing you all a grand time at the reunion. 

Mary Schubauer
Greetings from Israel

I came to B-CC from Kensington JHS (RIP), truly an ingenuous Sophomore.  Now I am truly a Senior (Citizen, that is).  The early 60's was a great time to be coming of age.  We had no idea how innocent and protected, and -- especially --  privileged, many of us were. But the times, they were a-changin' and we found ourselves in the middle of huge societal and cultural shifts.  Awesome!


Fast forward:  College, Medical School, marriage, children, a career.  My wife and I have lived in Israel for the last 10 years, where I am an academic radiologist, with no plans to retire.  Our 4 children are a joy, but our 6 grandchildren are our great joy.  Thanks to all my teachers, Ms. Gallagher ("Clean, Well-lighted Room" and "Big, Two-hearted River"), Ms. Casey, Mr. Evans, and all those who taught me so much and so well.  The education I received, even the three years of Latin, has enriched my life immeasurable.  Sorry I can't be with my classmates for this reunion, but it's great to see the photos, read the names, and remember those times again.  --Steve Raskin

Stephen Raskin
Hello to all of you I never met,

B-CC was great but I didn't get to public school until my junior year. I didn't get to meet very many of you. I went to Univ. of MD for 2 years then got married to the wrong man. We had 2 daughters, one died of cancer in 2009.  I found the best guy and married him in 1980. He graduated from Univ. of MD in Germany while he was an officer in the Army during the Viet Nam war. We moved to NC in 2006 because our daughter moved there. Now she, her husband and daughter are back in MD. So, we are building a house in Symphony Village in Centreville, MD, and will be living there in mid December. Don retired from Rubbermaid as a regional manager in 2008. I retired in 2002 from the PG County Public Schools. Don and I met up for lunch with Jim Allen and his wife. Jim and I dated in my junior year. It was fun to meet up with an old friend. We won't be at the reunion due to preparing for our move. Hope all of you have a great time.

Betty Weber
Greetings from our Teachers

The reunion committee located addresses for 15 of our former teachers.  We've heard back from several, and we are pleased to advise that Mr. Colin Steele and Ms. Nancy Gallagher will be joining us for the Reunion.  

Mr. Jim Davis writes "Please tell my x-country and track guys I send my best wishes and my thanks for giving me the chance to coach them, God Bless, 82 and still keeping fit."

Mrs. Karen Knutson Roysdon writes "Thank you for the invitation.  I live in Texas, so I'll be unable to attend your reunion.  I hope it's a huge success."

Mrs. Rowena Roberge writes "Thank you for the invitation - wish I could be there."

Mrs. Phyllis Pelleu Drewyer writes, "I'm living a wonderful life here on the Outer Banks of N.C. I volunteer at the Town Hall, Fire and Police Depts when needed.  Every day is a beautiful day in Duck (except during hurricanes).  Have lots of fun at your 50th Reunion.  Boy, you all are getting old!!, Best wishes, Mrs. Drewyer (classes of '55 thru '83)

Mr. Robert Appleton and Mrs. Jessica Goldin advised that they would not be able to attend.  

Jerol Desmond
Class Gift

Maybe you can remember the transition to BCC and the dilemmas for a rising high school student. The students of today experience that, but many students have the added challenge of moving into a totally new culture, new language and new expectations. The Summer Academy program provides incoming at risk 9th graders with three weeks of preparation including written language skills, techniques for learning math, test taking, and community orientation. The program provides some continuing mentoring during the year. We have set a goal of a $5,000 contribution from our class to this effort--all tax deductible and all on-line . . .


Press donate button and make sure you designate “1962 Class Gift”

Jeanne Whitney Smith
50 years, eh gad! That means I am 68?

Hi everyone, I am now a Texan, living in Waco.  My husband Bill Worsham and I have been here 7 years, hard to believe.  I really wish I could come for the reunion but my husband isn't well.  He is from the class of '59.  He has MS.  I have a daughter and son from a previous marriage and Bill has 3 kids also from a previous marriage.  I am retired now and really enjoyin never thought it would be so much fun except for Bill's illness of course.  I hope you all have a great time and will miss seeing everyone.

                                               Marilyn Nielsen Worsham


Marilyn Nielsen
Where did the years go?

Short version:  College in the mid-West, hated it. Back home after 1st year and took job as mechanic. Volunteered for draft, 2 years in Army. Met and married Nancy at MC. Both graduated from U of MD, B.S. in Education for me. Taught a year in Germany then several here. I was no good at discipline in HS shop classes so I went on to 30 years repairing expensive cars I couldn't possibly afford myself.  Retired in 2010, having a great time!

Ted Sterne

Looking forward to seeing some of my old friends at the reunion, haven't been to any of the previous ones. Various reasons for not going.

After graduating from BCC I had no idea what to do, did various very low paying jobs. Then ond day I decided I have to go to college So off to Md. I went. Really didn't go full time but close to it. Finally after 11 years after high school I had a BA.

While going to shcool, I got a job working for a government agency, continued there for the nest 32 years. Loved my job, might  still be working there if I diidn't ger cancer. Three different cancers to be exact. The drs. say I shoudn't be here , but I have to go to my high school reunion.

In my second marriage.My wife and I have four children (two each) l form our first marriages. Together we have 15 grandchildren andt three great-grandchildren. What a blast when we all get together.

loving life.

Can't wait. Skip Ey

Julian Ey
On Mr. Evans

Jim, thanks for your remembrance of Mr. Evans.  In a school full of wonderful teachers (I remember Mr. Butterfield and Mr. Nelson with gratitude) Mr. Evans was remarkable.  The Mr. Evans moment I remember was one in which we were discussing the properties of waves.  Another teacher felt entitled to interrupt the class to talk with Mr. Evans about something trivial.  I remember Evans politely standing and listening with his characteristic dignity and then turning to the class on the exit of his colleague and saying, “What were we talking about?  Ah yes, interference.”  Although I never had her, Miss Casey inspired many other of our classmates.  We were fortunate to have great teachers and we were fortunate to have had each other.   

I am sorry that you cannot come.  I was looking forward to seeing you.   -- Frank Rinehart

Frank Rinehart
Remembering Mr Evans: A great physics teacher

Tucacas, Venezuela
22 October 2012

Mr Evans was the best teacher I ever had. For some reason I was thinking today of one problem which appeared in our text book 50 years ago.

"Superman sees a woman fall from a 500' high building. Superman is exactly one mile away. The woman falls at 32 feet per second per second. What is the average speed Superman must fly to save the women?

We did the straightforward math and presented our answer. Mr Evans asked "What's wrong with your answer?" The class looked baffled by the question.

Mr Evans pointed out that in the answer we had calculted Superman would have to stop the woman as fast as if she had hit the ground.

Mr Evans always made physics fun and helped us see the big picture. I still miss him.

I'm also sorry I wont be able to come to the reunion. Miss all you guys too.

Jim Lindsay

James Lindsay
Margie Williams Underwood & classmates

Included are me, Yvonne Margerison Wright, and Betty Kremb Isaac from one of  our get togethers a few years ago. We all wish you a great reunion and a shout out to all our buddies there!

Margaret Williams
Griffith Stadium

As the Nationals looked like they'd move to the Pennant, I read some nostalgia in the Post about the Washington Senators. Reminded me of the games a group of us attended several summers during high school. If you come to the reunion, I'll tell you about the time one of us got drunk and we all ended up in the team office meeting Harmon Killebrew, Jim Lemon, and several other players!

Jeanne Whitney Smith
Granddaughters are the best...

Dick and Deedee Odell enjoying the moment with our 4 granddaughters, Addison, Scarlett, Genevieve and little Jacqueline (pointing the way). 

We look forward to seeing BCC grads and especially those that rode the Ft Sumner/Glen Echo/Cabin John bus, especially Peter S, Fred W, Glenn P, Frank R, Judy R, Suzie R, Barbara B, Dean S, Dick N, Jim O and hopefully many others at the party.

Retired from IBM after 39 years.  Traveled for work to 58 countries, moved 6 times and settled in at Rochester, MN.  I am busy with travel, ATVs, farming, some ranching and still enjoy photography and hunting.  Deedee is busy helping with the granddaughters after 25 year as church handbell director.

Richard Odell
Greetings from Florida

Margie Williams Underwood here...Since 62 I am wife, mother of 2 and RN. We lived in Conn. and I worked in L&D there before we retired to Ormond Beach Florida 8 yrs ago. I continue my nursing (happily because I can) as a Rape Crisis Nurse Forensic Examiner for 4 counties. Living on the beach was always a dream and now has happened. I was a slow bloomer at BCC as were many of us, but am now fully in adulthood and totally fulfilled. I keep in touch regularly with Betty Kremb Issac and Yvonne Margerison Wright (who lives in Canada)...they are my life long sisters... and was pleased and surprised to hear from Jolly Trueblood, also an old friend, re the reunion. I won't be able to attend but look forward to pictures and stories at this sight I hope. Hello to those who knew me my email is MargeURN01@yahoo .com I would welcome a shout out. Have fun and bless you all.

Margaret Williams
Brenda Baker

Brenda S. Baker



On Thursday September 20, 2012, Brenda Sancroft Baker, age 67, of Gaithersburg, MD. Beloved wife of Peter A. Peltier; loving mother of Steven Peltier (Lisa) of Hedgesville, WV; sister of Phyllis Andruszkiewicz (Tony) of Jacksonville, FL; grandmother of Peter Peltier of Williamsport, MD, Karen Peltier of Olney, MD, Joseph and Andrea Peltier of Hedgesville, WV and Linley Smith of Piedmont, OK; aunt of A J Andruszkiewicz of Jacksonville, FL. Also survived by her former foster son, Herb Rimmel of Orlando, FL. She was preceded in death by her parents, Jasper and Riki Baker. A memorial service was held at Chevy Chase Presbyterian Churchon Friday September 28, 2012. Interment private. Memorial contributions may be made to Operation Smile (which provides facial reconstruction surgery to children throughout the world), 6435 Tidewater Drive, Norfolk, VA 23509 or call 1-888-OPSMILE. Please sign the family guestbook at
Sally Markle
Current photo from Kathi Giberman

Listening to local musicians at a friend's party.

Kathi Giberman
Howdy from Washington....State!

Would I be welcome at the 50th? I left the public realm to attend St Albans from 1959-1962. I'd love to attend the BCC 50th...  I saw a number of old Westbrook and Western JH names on the list: Gail Latona, George Ames, Danny Brooks, Nancy Tolley, Donnie Sebastian....

Sandy Rock
Greetings from Barbara Dolan King

Hi All,

I am an artist, and have always been thanks to the encouragement of Mr Motovich at BCC.  I married Jerry King and raised two boys in Maryland.  We moved to Alexandria, VA more than a dozen years ago, where I have a studio in my home where I still paint portraits of children. Love living in an urban neighbourhood, travelling, and seeing you at the 50th!

Barbara Dolan
Lura Wright (DeMott)

My husband Bob Wright and I raised our 5 children in Rockville, Md. We have 10 grandchildren.  Retired to Ocean Pines, Md. 9 years ago.  I relocated to Frederick, Md. to be close to family after the death of my husband 12/22/2011.  I play golf and am enjoying being near family.

Lura DeMott
Another voice from the past!

As noted elsewhere in the Message Board, Bert Foer and I brought you the daily messages each morning over the PA system -- and at the last reunion were the MCs. 

It will be terrific at the 50th,  NOT to be the MC, and relax and enjoy the event!  I look forward to visiting with everyone. 

Best always,


Norman Understein
David Osborne

What I remember goes back to 8th grade at Leland (I think), when he and I both entered the Science Fair. As I recall, David's project showed some nice color photos of a heart transplant on a dog. After the judges had made the awards and given him either no prize or an honorable mention for a well-done presentation or some such, they found out that the photos he'd taken were of a transplant operation he'd performed himself. I don't remember how they rectified the situation but I know we all felt it was a big scandal at the time, and that he was amazingly talented.

James Higbie

Thanks for letting me know Karen.  Amongst letters I've saved over the years are some from David while he was at college.  Such a smart and funny person.  He was taken too soon.

Dawn Sheeler Ford
David Osborne

Dawn, David died in a car accident in the 1980s.  He had gone to the Santa Fe Opera, where his brother Bob was singing.  

Went to his small funeral at his parents home town in rural Pennsylvania.  He had 2 children and was a physician.  Lived in NYC.   

Karen Adkinson

I was only at BCC for junior and senior years but made many friends who I will miss seeing as I cannot attend the reunion.  Since leaving BCC I graduated from the U of MD and went to work for the government in Germany where I met my husband Richard Ford.  Since he was from Louisville KY we moved south to Kentucky and then Knoxville, TN where we have lived for 35 years.  We one son and two grandchildren.  I have always been in the public relations field and for the last 25 years have owned a PR and employee training business.  I was sad to see that David Osbourne and Barbara Shepherd passed away.  We were good friends who kept up during college but then lost touch.  Does anyone know anything about them?  Have a wonderful time.

Dawn Sheeler Ford
The year that made you and me

A long time ago in a land long forgotten, a youthful innocence heralded a sea of change.   Social upheaval spread across the land as the faint beat of war drums was heard from across the ocean.  It was into this sea of changed that we graduated from Bethesda-Chevy Chase and our lives would never the same.  Most of us went off to college and for some the uncertainty of the draft was a reality that could not be ignored.    A youthful President was murdered and a cagy politician assumed the helm of State and guided the Nation on a journey of social revolution and military folly.

Now fifty years later we face a new world through the eyes aged by the passing of time.  But who can forget lunch at the corner Hot Shoppe or ice cream at Gifford’s; the fall football rivalry with Walter Johnson, that school out in the corn pastures.    Have you seen the area today?   What about our school?  The façade facing East-West Highway is the same but for those of us who have not been back for years; will we remember the rest of the building?   Is there a new Pine Tree out front?  There is much to remember about the time that made you me.

David Marcus
Jim Lindsay after 50 years

I'm now living in Oakland. I've been retired for the past 12 years after a career in the Australian Foreign Service. I married Pamela, an American woman with roots in the Bay Area. We met in Venezuela so its all a bit complicated. My last posting with the Foreign Service was in Kenya so we are still engaged in a lot of activities in that region including promoting solar cooking in Somalia and helping run a non profit film school based in one of the poorer areas of Nairobi; "Social transformation through Media and the Arts" is the school's motto which summarises the school's aims.

We also spent a lot of time in China including a teaching stint at a university in Beijing where my mother was living until she died two years ago aged 93. I arranged to have her memoir of her time with the communist guerillas in their fight against the Japanese to be published (incidentally a Politic and Prose bookgroup selection for August 2012). I also published a photo book on northern Somalia.

Here are some websites where you can see what we have been up to

I don't think I will be able to come to the reunion although it would be fun. I know it's a cliche but it's hard to believe 50 years has passed. I also have considerably less hair than in this 1966 photo.

James Lindsay
Brenda Baker

I am in pallative care for leukemia which was diagnosed the day before last Thanksgiving....Trials at Johns Hopkins didn't work but now I'm with Hospice.  I doubt very much I will be around in November, but it's been fun to see pictures and catch up visually.

Brenda Baker
Grits here

I became engaged at the B-CC prom to fellow B-CC student Tim Alex and we married in Calif. in 1963.  We were married for 12 yrs. and have a grown son and daughter together.

I remarried in 1977 to Wayne Daniel in Atlanta, Ga. and have been married for 35 yrs. in Sept.  My husband retired last year from IBM and I retired 12 yrs. ago after we built our retirement home on Lake Lanier in No. Ga. not far from the Blue Ridge Mountains.  I'm an artist and work mostly in oils and pastels.  We have three children between us and four grand children. We enjoy attending their sports games, plays, and ballet.

I was not able to attend the 20 yr. reunion but plan to attend this one and also trying to reach as many B-CC friends as I can. I can't wait to celebrate with my pot luck girls.  If anyone knows Jeanne Dixon's contact number or perhaps her married name please contact me or let her know about the reunion.  See everyone in Nov.  Ingrid Daniel

Ingrid Hansen

I vaulued my years at BCC. Have managed to see Bill Bortz and Jessica Benajamin after leaving the area. Where is Mark Blume? When I read about Chiris Area I thought some Orgre had come and taken some of us away. Billy Greenwood? We went to grade school together and you lived on a farm in Bethesda.I'm an old Professor now and look forward to catching up after fifty years. Hello and thanks for remembering me. Andy Shafer

Anders Shafer
50 Years!!!

Hi everyone,

I was so excited to see hear that there is a 50th reunion planned for BCC!  I have some wonderful of memories of those years and are excited to reunite with old friends.

I have lived in Scottsdale, Arizona for the past twenty years...have six children and grandchildren and still make frequent visits back to Maryland, particularly Annapolis which I love!

I just recently made air reservations for the reunion and am so looking forward to it! 

Jane Failor Crook


Jane Failor Crook
A voice from the past

At the last reunion I attended, Norm Understein and I -- we had been the PA voices of BCC every morning-- were invited to be up in front as MC's most of the evening. The audience was no less enthralled than had been the case in 1962. The next day one of our classmates ran into me on the street and asked why I hadn't attended the reunion. "These have been your announcements for today...."

Bert Foer

Bert Foer
50th Reunion!

Unfortunately, I will be traveling at the time and won't be able to make it (I have been a travel agent for 20 years). I did go to the 20th and did not see a lot of old friends! We had such a large class. After BCC, there was college, two years living in Iran and then working in DC as a legal secretary until the birth of the first of our two daughters. My husband, Gary, and I now have 6 grandchildren and enjoy country living in Middletown MD where we have been since 1977. Have a ball everyone!
Gail Plichta Helmes

Gail Plichta
Not sure about coming Nov. 19

My husband of 32 years, Don, and I have been considering a cruise around that time. We have lived in Concord, North Carolina for the last 6 years but are considering moving back to MD in Centreville at Symphony Village. Have not been in touch with anyone from the class of 1962 but Don and I had lunch 3 weeks ago with Jim Allen (class of 1961)and his wife Patty. They live in NC also. I really didn't know too many of my classmates as I started in B-CC in my junior year. If you knew me, please send me an email.

Betty Weber Clarke
B-CC Area Storm

Hi out East! I was looking at the news stories about the storm of last Friday. Just hope that none of you living in the B-CC area have big trees down on your homes. I'm sure some of you are without power and hope that will change soon. We were out in CO. Springs and watched as the fire started there. I have never seen anything like it-watching smoke rise just north of the beautiful Garden of the Gods. Our daughter's home is south but she had friends who were evacuated. We headed home before the wind shift and the terrible loss of property and lives. It's been a long summer already. Thinking of everyone!  From Omaha, Lin Thompson

Rolinda Downie
old friends

Great to hear from David W and Frank R -- I used to stare at their heels for long time periods during cross country practice.  Let's be sure to say hi at the reunion.  Bill

Bill Bortz
Great to hear

Dear Classmates,

 It is great to hear from so many members of our BCC class of ’62.  I have lived in Minneapolis since 1975, and am continuing to teach at the University of Minnesota Law School.

 Hoping to make it to our reunion with my spouse, Pat Schaffer,

 David Weissbrodt

David Weissbrodt

Bill, lots of us were pretty shaggy.  Every time my wife looks at pictures from that era, she tells me how ugly I was.  (Not that I am beautiful now.)

Frank Rinehart
Where is Marshall Potter?

I last saw him around 1970, after he had left the marines.  He had been living in the woods in upstate Wisconsin and was very shaggy then.   

Bill Bortz
Mr Peanut head

I made the "Baron", fiberglass with view port through the mouth.  did it last after we graduated?


Robert Engler
Mary Anchor's Ungoverned Bus Engine

Those who got onboard Mary Anchor's school bus on MacAurthur Blvd in front of the Glen Echo Heights store are probably the only people I might remember. That bus was the most memorable part of my BCC HS experience.

Stephen McLeod
I'm saving up to come.

I've lived in Britain since 1966, and never heard about the 20th reunion, so I don't want to miss this one.  I've lived all over Britain but settled now in West London, and I'm meeting up with Pat Sherman (now Shapiro) from France, and Jill Hurney (now Klein) from Florida next week for a mini-reunion of our own, with partners, in a country cottage. I was a linguistics lecturer then a solicitor, now retired and fairly slothful.

Hope Liebersohn
50th Reunion for the Class of 1962

I will do my best to attend!  I have never been back and would love to see everyone.  I live in Louisville, Kentucky, where my children and grandchildren also reside.  I am still working and hope to retire in the near future.  Has anyone heard from Carol Shoemaker or Ann Hassler?  I would like contact numbers.  There are actually many that I would like to catch up with so I had better come!  I am sad to learn of those who have passed away. 

My Best to Everyone, Bobbie Hartmann Brake  

Roberta (Bobbie) Hartmann
James Dulcan

Jimmy Dulcan died about 22 years ago from colon cancer.  He is survived by his wife (who lives in San Diego) and 2 children.

Robert Engler
....come on down to Florida...Pat Parke

Hi from Clearwater, Florida my home since 1979. Got tired of the ice and cold and figured I would beat the rush to a Florida retirement.

 I spent 23 years with the Pinallas County Sheriff's Office first as a CSI, then as a Detective and finally spent the last few years as the Administrative Corporal in the Law Enforcement Training Section. After a total of 40 years in the work force here and in Montgomery County I retired a bit early to care of my parents who both lived to be 87 yoa.

A Reunion attendance would be nice but my Van is a bit too old for the trip North and my two cats would never forgive me for leaving them. Yes, I'm an old maid with cats, enjoying every minute of my freedom with projects and volunteer work....God Bless all of you...

Patricia Parke
Jordan Spivok

Hi everyone. Hard to believe I made it through law school and my office is  now directly across the street from B-CC !! Will be celerating my 48th wedding anniversary with Diane(she went to Blair) . Looking forward to catching up. Herb Burch, where are you??

Jordan Spivok
Hello to everyone in the class of 62

I am still in Florida Got here in64 and have never left.  I would love to be ther at the reunion, but it is so close to Thanksgiving and we have a hugh celebration at that time that I don't thinnk I can makke it.  Would love to hear  from anybody.  I have been a register nurse for many years and I am still working just because I can.  Have one son and one grandchild both.  They love around the cornor from me.  I really don't have anyone left in the area.  My parents are done and my sister lives in California.  Hope to hear from you soon
Lynda Greenstreet Sandler   

H. Lynda Greenstreet
Looking Forward to the Reunion

Delighted a reunion is planned.  

Best,    Diane Bolz

Diane Bolz
Looking forward to the reunion....

Hi!  Don't know who is organizing our 50th, but I have a trove of information from our last reunion 20 years ago.  I was on the reunion committee and would be happy to pass all the materials I saved from then.  I live in NW Washington, DC with my husband of 42 years, Harvey.  Hope you get in touch.


Vicki Zuckerman (Onslow)

Victoria Onslow
Karen Grimes Ricker

So glad there will be a reunion.. I will definitely be there.... I live in Hilton Head, SC... retired here in 1999... great life.

Did I see that Chris Andrae passed away?  Please let me know details.

Hi to Art.. heard you wrote a book and that you live in Reno.




Karen Grimes Ricker
Looking Forward to Our Reunion But Will Miss Chris

Short message to say I am very much looking forward to seeing all of you and hope the format for our time together contributes to a maximum of mixing and catching up. But I thought to share this message also because -- as some of you know -- we lost a dear friend last February. I'd not been in touch since graduation, but from what I read she led a full life, was still a character, was loved and respected for the dedication given to what she did:

Robert Tetro
HI classmates

I hope to attend the reunion.  The photo is of me and my wife Julie Ruedi at our youngest son's wedding in La Jolla, CA.  We live in Del Mar CA and I am retired prof. of Med at UCSD and am involved in 4 biotech companies (BOD for 3 and medical director/CMO at one), some retirement!  (I flunked retirement).

Bob Engler

Robert Engler
Fred Fay R.I.P.

Sadly, Fred Fay passed away in Aug 2011. Fred had a rewarding and inspiring career advocating for the rights of the disabled. There is a lengthy and informative obituary in the Sept. 4 2011 Los Angeles Times; read it to appreciate Fred's life.

David Kidd
Hi from Anne LeBreton (Dawson)

I got in touch with this site through another classmate, Pat Parke.  Hopefully I will be in attendance, from New Orleans where I've lived since the late 60's.  See you all in November.

Anne LeBreton Dawson
I would like to attend the 50th reunion

Hi all! I was part of the 20th reunion committee, but am living in 2 places  now. Eight months (oct.-june) in Florida and four months in Ocean Pines, Md. My e-mail address is  Please send me any information you have.

Sadly, another classmate Dean Sarff has also passed of colon cancer.


Mary Sue Nichols Tompkins

John Desmond
I'm here; hey, can you see me waving hello?

Judy Rowe here!  I retired from 40 years as an Int'l Purser for American Airlines and now own Davidsonville Antiques in Davidsonville Maryland.  Come in and visit!

Dave Kane just informed me of the 50 year reunion.  Do we have a list of those who will be attending?

David Kane
get in touch!

while i seriously doubt i'll be attending the reunion, it would nonetheless be a real treat to hear from any and all friends who are still on this side of the grass!

my best,


arthur brooke
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