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Richard Lane in 1962 (hosting mini-reunion in San Francisco in Sept, see Messages)
June 1956: Right to Left. Lin Downie, Susan Knoebber, (Onnie Fisher Class of 1963) Ellie Gagge, Marcy Fisher in Ellie's rec room.
Junior year summer - Ocean City & Chesapeake Bay
Who could have known all the interesting things these young "kids" would do in the next 50 years! from Lin (Downie) Thompson
The Imaginary Invalid - weren't we a talented bunch!
Annie Get Your Gun rehearsal
1962 - Annie Get Your Gun Just in case anyone has forgotten....
Do you know who you are 4? Posted by Jim Reichman
Do you know who you are 3? Posted by Jim Reichman
Do you know who are 2? Plsted by Jim Reichman
Do you know who you are? Posted by Jim Reichman
Posted by Christine Seville
And Remember this!
Remember these cards!
Mike Hagan as Staff Sargeant in First Infantry, South Vietnam '68 -'69 Lai Khe
Spring 1962 - At Jacques Hadler's family beach house: (L to R) Jacques, Ann Wilson, Judy Thompson, Mrs. Hadler, ?, Terry Scott, Jim Blue
Dan Snyder in about 1962 or so...
I think this is my senior picture. Ellie (Gagge) Martin
. ..cont.. . will try to be at reunion. . i appreciated my education at bcc so much. --bill joseph
here i am right after graduation....i went north, first to philadelphia to the u of pa and then on to nyc for the last 46 years....two wives, (present wife for last 42 years, blackouts, muggings, was in both wtc bombings ('93 and 9/11)....will try to be a
BCC Deacons, posted by Bob Tetro
BCC 1962 Senior Prom. I confess and am embarrassed that I've forgotten my dates name. Maybe someone can help. Bob Tetro
Ft. Lauderdale Beach immediately following the BCC 1962 graduation undoubtedly prompted by the recent movie "Where the Girls Are." Cannot recall the guy's name on the left, but that is Larry Wade on the right. Bob Tetro
Thought some would like to see the June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises brochure. Here is page 1 of 6. Bob Tetro
June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises, Page 2
June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises, Page 3
June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises, Page 4
June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises, Page 5
June 15, 1962 Graduation Exercises, Page 6
20th Reunion Committee top row: Danny Ross, June Toye, Alan Rafel, Mary Sue Nichols, Norm Understein, Joan Panitz, Don Sebastian bottom row: Judy Ludwig, Nancy Sutton, Sue Stevenson
Me everyone's favorite mascot, taken around 1960. Rusty Johnson
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